Wondrous Waterfalls That Make Us Think of Book Scenes

These pictures of waterfalls remind us of popular book scenes! Jump inside these waterfalls with us! What do these waterfalls make you think of?

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We’ve compiled a few pictures of waterfalls that remind or make us think of certain book scenes. Some of these pictures make us think of fantasy books and scenes, and some of them give off different tones, such as dystopian or supernatural. Take a look at these waterfalls and see what your mind comes up with!



This first picture reminds us of many scenes in Maggie Stiefvater’s book, Shiver. The whole book is based around the theme of winter, and this waterfall reminds us of the early scene in the book, where the protagonist, Grace Brisbane, is attacked by wolves before she is saved.

This waterfall gives off chilling vibes and energy, and the monotonous color scheme fits with the light blues and whites of a winter palette. It almost looks as if the waterfalls have been frozen. Even the book cover fits this color palette! In addition to the colors, the book itself mostly takes place in and surrounding the woods, so a waterfall in a forest fits right along with this book and its scenes!



This waterfall scene above reminds us of the scene in Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief where the campers play the game Capture the Flag. Annabeth Chase, a daughter of Athena, places Percy near a river as a diversion for the other team, which ends up being successful.

This river waterfall reminds us of the river described, settled in the woods, where the game took place. In the movie, however, the river is used as a way to heal Percy after he gets his butt kicked by Annabeth’s team. The river is relaxing and calming, and honestly, any body of water reminds us of Percy Jackson, the son of Poseidon!



This image reminds us of every scene that takes place in the moonpool in Erin Hunter’s Warriors series. The moonpool is a place where the cats go to gather for prophecies, and it is a small pool where the moon reflects off the surface of the water. This waterfall scene above looks almost mystical with its reflection of light in its water.

Also, this photograph reminds us of the moonpool because it is dark and has a mysterious tone. Similarly, the moonpool is always dark inside the cave. I wouldn’t mind going here to relax and receive some ominous prophecies, as it is absolutely stunning! Even if the prophecy sent me to my death, I think it’d be worth it just to visit this waterfall!



This waterfall image gives us Lord of the Rings vibes. With its green grass and peaceful scenery, it looks like something out of a fairy-tale– a place where creatures like elves and hobbits would inhabit, and maybe even a wizard or two! I wouldn’t mind sitting on one of these rocks and reading a book in this serene environment that reminds us of the Shire or someplace imbued with magic! The scene where the characters describe the hobbit could very easily match this picture, except maybe without the water, since hobbits don’t like the sea! 

All of these waterfalls and images are breathtaking and gorgeous. We’d love to sit here and read, recalling our favorite book scenes that these waterfalls remind us of. Did you think of any of these scenes, or were you inspired to think of another one?

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