Why Fiction Can Be the Best Stress Buster

When you are overworked, you might want to try an activity to help you relax. Why not read a novel? Read on to learn how novels can relieve stress.

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Through all of the disagreements in society, something that practically all of us can agree on is that stress can be annoying and ruin our days. Perhaps that stress comes from an overwhelming number of assignments, or maybe it comes from projects you need to work on at your job. Either way, stress can cause you to lose a lot of energy, to be less happy, and to have less time to relax. If that is the case for you, then you may need something to beat that stress. One of the best ways to relieve stress is by reading novels. Popping open a good book can be a terrific way for stress to slip away as you get caught up in an exciting fictional universe.

Why Is Fiction Relaxing?

There are a lot of different activities that people choose to do to relieve stress. Some people like to go on a drive, some watch a movie, others like to draw, and other people like to play video games. So, why is reading a book a fantastic way to relieve stress? One reason is that it is easy to pick up a book and start reading. Some activities require a lot of preparation and set-up. When it comes to a book, as long as you bought it beforehand, you can just pack it in a bag and take it out when you feel like reading. Crack it open and begin reading, then close it and put it away when you are done. No extra time is needed, so you will not have to take that possible extra time out of your busy schedule when you want to read.

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Another reason why reading is a great way to unwind is because of the variety of stories found in novels. There are practically an endless number of novels in the world, so you’re guaranteed to find a fair amount that interests you. There is no monotony when it comes to reading as a pastime. You can constantly find many stories to invest yourself in. You can be transported to many different universes, so you do not have to think of your own.

Once you finish a novel, a new universe will welcome you with open arms. Your brain will be more alert when you venture through these different stories, which will help you gain more enjoyment during your down time. While reading may look like a stationary activity, you will actually be experiencing endless thrills and marvels during this relaxation period.

The Best Types of Books for Relaxing

Naturally, everyone has different tastes in books, so it would be difficult to name the absolute perfect book for relaxing. However, many books work really well for stressbusting, and they have their own reasons for that. For instance, when you pick up a light and fluffy book, it can put you in a happier mood. Books like Book Lovers or The Love Hypothesis are fluffy romances that are not filled with depressing situations. Of course, there are problems; they would not be good books without some issues. But the problems are mostly light with simple solutions and happy endings. These books take your mind off of the stressful world and carry you into cheerful ones.

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Alternatively, you can take a different approach from being distracted by fluffy books. That does not mean reading a sad book but reading a more complex book. There are some novels that build vast worlds full of intricate details and exciting plot twists. You never know what will happen next in these books as you will need to keep track of so much information.

In other words, when you read these types of books, you will not even have the space in your brain to be stressed out. Your focus will be on the novel as you read it. From modern books like the A Court of Thorns and Roses series to classic novels like The Lord of The Rings series, there are books that will fully grasp your attention and give you a nice distraction. Make sure to allot certain reading times every day to maintain the perfect balance of work and enjoyment. You can spend some time reading these thrilling books, and then you can get back to work with a refreshed mind.

The Best Locations for Reading

Now that you have decided to read a book to relax, the next step towards total relaxation could be a simple location, like right at your desk. As I mentioned before, the beauty of reading a book is that there is no need for an elaborate setup. If you have so much work that you don’t even have time to set yourself up at a secondary location, you can open a book right at your desk as a brief distraction. You would not even have to move to get into that calm state of mind. That being said, if you want to get away from your desk, take note of the comfortable seating in your area. If you work from home, you can curl up on your couch. If you work in an office building, look for a lounging area or a break room. You can utilize stress-free surroundings, and you will not have to be far from your work.

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It is always great to be able to get into a terrific story without going far. However, if you think you need to move around to fully relieve stress, there are a lot of terrific options. One possible suggestion is finding a nice spot in the great outdoors, either in an outdoor chair or on a grassy patch on a nice day. The beautiful weather can help clear your mind and keep you from feeling too stuffy in the work environment. The fresh air combined with a great book should certainly help you feel a lot better.

On the other hand, if the weather is not so great, a good place to read a nice book is at a cafe. Get yourself a yummy cookie and hot chocolate, and then dive right into your book. You will get a delicious treat, an environment that has calming noises and smells of coffee being made, and surroundings made up of other people who want a less buttoned-up environment. These are some wonderful places to go that will take you that extra mile on your peaceful book break.

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Books have been used as relaxation tools for centuries. To be clear, work is certainly important and a priority. However, too much stress can be terrible for your mental health, which is why you need something like a good book to take your mind off the stress of the workplace. There is so much whimsy to be found in a good book, and that whimsy may be exactly what you need. So, the next time work is getting to be too much for you, pick up an interesting book or pull one up on your electronic device, and briefly slip away from the exhaustion of reality.

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