What Would The Sanderson Sisters Read?

Ever wondered what the Sanderson sisters would be interested in reading? Well here are my three book recommendations for each witch!

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Hocus Pocus 2 was recently released on Disney+ and it has been getting a lot of buzz. Although it seems they rely on the magic uses of their book in the movie, what if they took the time to sit down and read?

Imagine the Sanderson sisters being bookworms! Just for fun, I am going to recommend three books for each Sanderson sister.


Winifred Sanderson in Hocus Pocus

Based on Winifred’s character, she is more power-hungry than her sisters. She is still bitter about Billy Butcherson and is sensitive about her appearance. These three books have a little bit of these traits in their story plots.

Into the Heartless Wood, The Ex Hex, The Unfortunate Importance of Beauty

Into the Heartless Wood reminds me of Hocus Pocus 2 when you find out the Sanderson sisters discover their witchcraft talents in the woods. Winifred is power-hungry and this book is a perfect example of a power-hungry witch in a forest.

It takes place in a dangerous forest where siren songs lure men and women to their deaths. The witch lurking in the forest harvests their souls to feed the heartless tree and to further grow her power in her domain. When a human named Owen Merrick is lured into the woods a tree siren saves his life and doesn’t kill him. This odd relationship will lead to an ancient war between the witch and the King trying to stop her. Who will prevail?

The Ex Hex is a perfect book that I believe will have Winifred cackling because it shows a bitter witch struck by heartbreak over her ex breaking up with her (sound familiar).

Nine years ago Vivienne Jones nursed a broken heart with music, and vodka, and set a curse on him. She expected this curse to be minuscule and just ruin his day every now and then. Until her ex, Rhys Penhallow, who is the descendent of the town’s ancestors, breaker of hearts, and his annoyingly handsome face returns to Graves Glen, Georgia. he is only here for the annual fall festival but it turns wrong when calamities keep happening to him. Vivienne truly realizes the seriousness of the situation. When the town is under attack, add in a talking cat, a pissy ghost, and intense winds; they must lift this breakup curse.

The Unfortunate Importance of Beauty is about two friends who think beauty is the sole focus of this world. In the heart of New York City, two artistic friends struggle with beauty standards. Barb and Lily are the two opposites of the beauty spectrum yet have the same problem: wanting to find love that can overcome their looks.

Barb is a beautiful costume designer and makes herself look ‘ugly’ to find true love. Her friend Lily, who is considered plain-looking, is a talented musician who wants to attack a man who rejected her. Her methods have touched and transformed results. Add a complex murder in their midst and you have a story with beauty, desire, identity, and finding out what it means to be seen.


Mary Sanderson in Hocus Pocus

Mary’s character seems to be second in command. Her job is to sniff out the children and figure out their location. She has the nose of a bloodhound and it gives the Sanderson sisters a key advantage to steal children’s souls. Based on this characterization alone I found three books that go along the lines of sensory, scent, and hunting.

The Scent of Desire, The Scent Keeper, Wolf Hunts

The Scent of Desire is more of a psychological read, maybe Mary can explore the power her scent talents have. This book explores the importance of smell in our lives. Smell has evolved and is part of the brain where emotions, memory, and motivation are processed. Scent shapes us due to our reaction and interpretation of it. Is smell personal or cultural? Scent can be linked to survival and how it functions and provides purpose. You will explore pheromones, nourishment, and aromatherapy (add that to the calming circle).

The Scent Keeper is about a girl named Emmeline who has a wonderful childhood with her father on a remote island. he teaches her the natural world through her senses. He however won’t explain the mysterious scents stored in the wall of their cabin or the origin of the machine that produces them. Soon her curiosity builds over the years. But when something unforeseen happens, she is trusted into the real world where cruelty, excitement, betrayal, and love are front and center. She must unlock clues to help her understand her past and identity. A quest that will test her heart and imagination. This is a lyrical work that uses scent and sensory skills as part of the plot.

Wolf Hunts is a fantasy 4 book series. This is the first book in the series and promises werewolves and witches and possibly more magical creatures. Calli was born an impossibility. With the soul o a shift and the magic of a witch, she is a hybrid. When her parents mated and discovered her talents, they had to hide and keep their family safe. Now she has a nice life with her little brother, Jacob. However, when they died in a car crash, she needs to hide again. They flee to America and go to Arbington where her parents have prepared a safe house. But when she discovers there is a small wolf pack in the town does she stay put or go a different direction?


Sarah Sanderson in Hocus Pocus

Sarah is the young and ditsy one. She is characterized as very clumsy, flirty, and prone to forget and be in her head. She seems to be keen on teasing the men she meets. Her talent is singing a special song to lure the children to their abode. I chose romance/fantasy and a music-based book for her top three.

Curse of the Wolf King, Once Upon a Broken Heart, The Music Shop

Curse of the Wolf King is a retelling of the Beauty and the Beast story with a fantasy twist of fae. A beastly fae king has a deadly curse and needs a way to break it. Gemma Bellefleur wants to leave her past and forget the scandal that broke her heart. When she is suddenly captured by the trickster fa king, he threatens to hold her ransom. But she soon finds herself panicked by the potential gossip.

King Elliot’s curse will potentially end his life, and the human-hating fae needs help. Gemma bargains to break his curse in exchange for her freedom. But tricking someone into falling in love with him is a hard task, especially when lingering feelings and vulnerability are exposed. But falling for the king will turn him back to a wolf, his true form, he won’t be seen again. Can she sacrifice her fruitful feelings to save him?

Once Upon a Broken Heart is another heartfelt love story with fantasy and a dark twist. Evangeline Fox believed in true love until the love of her life will marry another. To stop the wedding and to heal her heart, she strikes a deal with the wicked Prince of Hearts. In exchange, he asks for three kisses to be given at any time of his choosing. After the first kiss, she realizes the dangers of bargaining with an immortal. He has plans for her which can either lead to happiness or tragedy.

The Music Shop is a vinyl love story with some depth. It’s 1988, Frank owns a music shop that sells records of any size or genre. Everything vinyl he sells and can recommend or find in the store for customers. Then Isle Brauchmann comes into the store and asks him to teach her about music. His life changes and takes a turn, he wants to run but he is drawn to her. She is a mysterious woman with her signature pea-green coat and black vinyl-colored eyes. But she isn’t who she seems and Frank’s old wounds may re-open.

Check out these wonderful Sanderson recommendations this Halloween. Do you think these titles are ideal reads for each of the sisters? Check out more Hocus Pocus content by clicking here.