What Women Should Write: The World of Two Extremes

If you’re a woman who’s stuck not knowing what to write and you need to be reminded of how to be a woman, this is the read for you!

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Two girls face off with an arrow in between.

Lately, we women have forgotten our place in society. We no longer know how to be women. We’re running businesses on our own, buying homes on our own, voting — and on our own — we’re using credit cards with our names on them, and making too many decisions of our own in the household. Also, of course, we’re writing stories from a myriad of perspectives instead of talking about how easy we used to have it way back when we knew our station.

We’ve simply forgotten the times when it was easier to be women who didn’t need to think or do for ourselves. Somehow, we’ve gotten off the beaten path of womanhood, a time when the patriarchal system ruled over us with a firm but fatherly fist that kept us in line and knowing in every facet of society of yesteryear just how to be a woman. So, we bring you a reminder of how women should be and what we should be writing — uhrm — gabbing about.

Conservative Take: Write How Easy It Is to Be a Woman

Feminism has done immeasurable harm to women over the years. Now we’re crying because men no longer value us through their gaze. What has this world come to when a woman no longer wishes to wholly submit herself to a man, bowing down to his will, because he is the head of the household? We’re writing young women as saviors of themselves, making our own lives harder, when really women should always be damsels in distress!

Woman standing next to whiteboard with the message 'it's that easy'.

That’s how the good Lord intended us to be. Let’s stop all this nonsense about being the heroes and she-roes of our lives and believing we don’t need men to save us. What we should be writing about is how to be dainty, how to properly serve men, the gift of childbirth, how girly we feel, and we should never question our station. Our lives would be much easier if we didn’t.

Hold on, give me the MIC!

I don’t know what Betty Sue is talking about up there, but being a woman in 2024 is HARD! You have to be a bada** in order to survive this world of misery we live in. If you can’t handle the heat, we might as well take your woman card away. We must condemn the patriarchy and make our own rules as strong, independent girl bosses! So pull up a chair, take some notes, and let’s tear down the society that was built by men.

Liberal Take: Write the Struggles of Being a Woman

The patriarchy must be condemned, and if anything, it’s harder than it ever has been before. We cannot go a day without feeling like we are being harassed on the streets. Worst of all, we have to deal with the stupidity of men. Write about the struggles of being a woman! You need to girl-boss, gate-keep, and be a bad***, bad b**** 24/7. Day in and day out.

Woman standing next to chalkboard with the message 'it's not that easy.'

You must fight your way to the top and push men to the side because how long have they been on top? For far too long. In fact, we should collect every living man on the planet and make them recite our writings out loud. They should know the difficulties of being a hard-working girl boss.

Conservative Take: Write About Romance

The male gaze should always be considered when writing romance! Our womanly figures should never be taken into consideration for anything other than how we present ourselves as women, define ourselves as women, and behave ourselves as — you guessed it — women. Women characters courting a suitor should be thinking about how to make themselves presentable, lure him with a come-hither look and recipe under her skirt, ready to whip him up a “marry me before I die of spinsterhood” pie.

Love is in the air book heart.

Romance should never be about sharing deep feelings, insecurities, desires, hopes and dreams, and about two people seeking companionship. No, those simply won’t do. Women are not humans; we’re merely objects of a man’s most basic desires. That’s true romance.

Liberal Take: Write Anti-Romance

Romance is dead. In fact, let’s be real. The idea of romance was created by the patriarchy, so therefore, we as readers and writers need to stop endorsing this type of behavior. Enemies to lovers? TOXIC AF! It doesn’t matter if it’s fiction! Star-crossed lovers? They are not together for a reason! Keep it that way! Forbidden love? You should be calling the authorities at that point. It’s forbidden for a reason! So, if you see a woman writing or reading romance, tell them to WAKE UP!

FU#@% romance with a broken heart on the cover of a book.

Girl-boss their way out of this fickle way of writing. The girlies should not end up with anyone at the end of a tall-tale story. NO SHAMBO. She needs to be alone and discover herself solo. Be the independent bad b**** that we know she is. Because here’s the truth: ROMANTIC LOVE IS DEAD! It always has been! Relationships are hard in every respect, and romance stories sugar coat that truth.

Conservative Take: Clean Cut-Scenes in Romance

Sex is between two people, not the world. Fade those scenes to black and let us envision the lovemaking happening behind the void screen. All of this openness to sexuality is ruining the romantic perception of sex and what it’s really meant for — procreation, not enjoyment.

A couple READING a book.

Gone are the days where a kiss would only do, but now women have continuously put their sexuality on display in these books. I clutch my pearls and condemn these so-called authors to shame! Cut down on the smut and bring back imagination. Talking about these things is disgusting and should be removed from any book that calls itself a “romance novel.”

Liberal Take: If you’re going to write about romance, might as well AMP up the SMUT to the EXTREME!

Us girls have needs. So, if you MUST talk within the realms of romance, ensure that your books contain all things smut-related. Spread them legs! Read those dark, sultry, deeply descriptive scenes of getting your hooha wrecked. Even if that’s not your cup of tea, we don’t care.

A couple in bed reading a book.

You should embrace your sexuality to the extreme because sex is normal, and we should normalize it. No more promiscuity shaming; no more pretending that we don’t get that itch between our legs, because we do. Smut is there for us when no real man is, and that’s the harsh truth. So, get the knife-play out, and let’s have some fun.

Conservative Take: How to Be a Woman

What is a woman? No, seriously, what is a woman? Today, we can’t even define the word unless we’re discussing reproductive organs and how women can push whole beings out of our forbidden place. Do women even know how to be women anymore? We don’t dress the part. We’re not wearing makeup just to shop for groceries anymore, and we’re certainly not putting our grandmothers’ recipes to good use like we used to.

Loving gentle gracious girl with a stack of books.

It’s no wonder we’ve lost the meaning of what a woman is. We don’t know ourselves. We don’t want to have children anymore, get married, or seek a man like it’s a sprint for our lives. Without any of those things, how can you tell if you’re even still a woman? After all, those are the only things that define us.

Liberal Take: How to Be a Girl Boss

Trust your instincts — it’s as simple as that. To be a girl boss, you must be one with yourself; otherwise, are you even trying? Listen to no one else’s opinions, especially men, because then they’ll go mansplaining about being a girl boss. You must be confident, loud, and larger than life. We do not condone soft-spoken, soft, pink-wearing, shy people. That’s not girl-bossing.


At the same time, be a girl’s GIRL. What we mean is, if you see a fellow soft-spoken, shy girlie, tell them, “Speak louder! I’ll show you how.” Make sure you’re screaming in their face when you’re doing this. We are all about uplifting voices to the extreme volume. No one is going to listen to you unless you are screaming and demanding answers.

The Moral of This Saga Is…

Write whatever the hell you want!

Both sides of extreme conservatism and liberalism have their points… and weaknesses. Are either of them right? No. Are either of them wrong? You decide on that. So often, we are pushed into these narrow boxes of what it means to be a woman — the right way to be a woman. Personally, we’re sick of that narrative.

If you want to write a romance where the girl gets swept off her feet in the end, you do that! If you want to write about her not even having a romantic interest, then do it! We love an independent bad b**** any day. But FYI, sometimes, you can be independent and still have a boo at home. There is no right or wrong way to be a woman. Just be you. Simple as that.

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