What Margarita Would These Iconic Book Characters Be?

Have you ever imagined what margarita your favorite book character would choose on Cinco de Mayo? Look no further! We are ranking some characters and cocktails.

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Books are meant to inspire joy and imagination. But what about a bit of thirst? Imagining your favorite character sitting on a beach drinking a fun, fruity cocktail is something that can get you hankering for a margarita and a good book to help you wind down.

Forget all of your obligations because today we are going to be listing some of your most beloved literary characters as some fun, fruity margarita cocktails! While we’re at it, maybe we can inspire you to create your own signature margarita.

Fun fact: did you know that margarita means “daisy” in Spanish?

Harry Potter

Mango Margarita On The Rocks

Image Via Downshiftology

Harry Potter would definitely be a mango margarita guy. It is sweet, yet it comes with a punch served on the rocks. Different from the disgustingly sweet, brain-freezing frozen mango margarita, Harry Potter, where he has a sweet side, still definitely has an edge to him. Thus, he is a margarita on the rocks.

Beth March

Strawberry Margarita

Image Via Celebrating Sweets

The sweetest character in all of literary history calls for a sweet treat. Beth March from Little Women was the peacemaker of the family, and she always tried her best to make everyone smile. It would only do her justice to serve a refreshingly sweet, pink drink in her honor.

Bella Swan

Classic Margarita On the Rocks

Image Via Serious Eats

Bella Swan is a very serious lady who doesn’t really stray too far out of her comfort zone. So I believe she isn’t one to love an overly sweet drink. Considering her wardrobe and her mom-energy overall, we feel that a proper drink such as the classic on the rocks suits her character.

The Mad Hatter

Fishbowl Margarita

Image Via Tipsybartender

Enough said. The Hatter knows how to party, and he is always willing to share a cup of tea with anybody. He is somebody that will always be down to party at any time and any place. Arguably, he is the most iconic party animal in book history.

Katniss Everdeen


Image Via OntheBoarder

Katniss is a girl that doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty. She isn’t into that girly stuff, but she appreciates something decadent like a frozen beverage. She is not here to play around. A true #girlboss.

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