What I Think Different Shark Species Favorite Books Would Be

July 14th is Shark Awareness Day! Read what popular books I think different species of sharks would love to sink their teeth into!

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July 14th is Shark Awareness Day! Believe it or not, sharks have pretty colorful personalities that vary by species. Based on the personalities of these shark species listed below, here are what I think their favorite books would be!

Lemon Shark


Lemon Sharks are basically like the puppies of the seas. They love attention and being pet by people, and they can even become protective over their favorite divers. These enthusiastic and energetic creatures are super social. Lemon sharks love to play with each other, and many of them even have best friends that they spend lots of time. I think Lemon Sharks would really enjoy any light-hearted, cute book.

Jenna Evans Welch’s coming-of-age romance novel Love & Gelato includes characters, locations, and plot points that will make any reader smile. Upon her mother’s request, sixteen-year-old Lina is visiting her father in Tuscany so that she can get to know him. Throughout the summer, Lina uncovers some of the joys of life as she follows in her mother’s footsteps in an attempt to unearth a secret that could possibly change everything. With mystery accompanied by self-discovery, Lina experiences a summer that she will never forget.

Nurse Sharks


Nurse sharks are somewhat extroverted as they hang out in groups, but they appreciate their alone time when they hunt at night by themselves. These sharks are known for their innovation in hunting and mobility. Often, Nurse Sharks will rest upon their fins, allowing crustaceans to seek shelter under them and giving the sharks an easy opportunity to get a meal. Nurse Sharks have also been known to use their fins to do something of a walk along the ocean floor.

With their innovation and creativity, Nurse Sharks are the natural artists of the sea. I think that Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reis would be any Nurse Shark’s book of choice. Reid’s best-seller novel develops a unique narrative with an interview-style format. The book follows the story of the band Daisy Jones and the Six and their rise and fall in the 60s and 70s. The band members reflect on their experiences in the band and give insight into their rocking music and complicated relationships. All Nurse Sharks would appreciate learning about the creative process of creating music and writing songs in this sensational story.

Whale Sharks


Whale Sharks are the gentle giants of the oceans. The majestic creatures are the largest fish in the world. They spend their days alone, slowly drifting through the ocean and catching algae and plankton in their mouth. There has never been a report of a whale shark hurting anyone. More than anything, I think a whale shark would love a happy ending. With all their time alone in their relaxed lives, whale sharks might spend their days daydreaming of fun, happy stories.

I would not be surprised if their favorite book is The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood. This contemporary romance novel follows the story of Olive, a scientist who is a third-year Ph.D. candidate. Olive begins a tumultuous, and at times confusing, relationship with Adam, a young Biology professor at her university. With romance, friendship, and many laugh-out-loud moments, I think this novel would be perfect for any tender-hearted whale shark.

Tiger Shark


Tiger sharks are defined by their inquisitive nature. Their curiosity gets them into all kinds of misadventures. Their rather unusual diet can include really anything that happens to be in the sea. With cases of tiger sharks eating nails, tires, cans, and bottles, they have been deemed the trash cans of the sea.

Tiger sharks’ curiosity makes me think they would love learning about new places and things, so naturally, fantasy books would be a great option for them. From Blood and Ash, the first book in Jennifer L. Armentrout’s fantasy series Blood and Ash would probably be one of Tiger Shark’s favorite reads. Poppy is the maiden in her kingdom, and she is fated to ascend soon when she meets Hawke, a mysterious man who becomes her guard. This action-packed fantasy series transports readers to a different world, and it is an excellent read for the most curious and imaginative minds.

Bull Shark


Bull sharks are very aggressive, unpredictable creatures. This species of shark is responsible for the most shark attacks against humans, and for this reason, is considered the most dangerous kind of shark. With their intense nature, I am sure Bull Sharks would be huge fans of suspenseful and thriller novels.

Verity by Colleen Hoover would certainly be one of the Bull Shark’s favorite books. When Struggling author Lowen gets a high-paying job offer to ghostwrite for best-selling author Verity Crawford, she must move into the house where Verity’s family lives. Lowen begins her work finishing the series that Verity is unable to finish due to a tragic accident. As Lowen dives deeper into the work and life of verity, she finds herself tangled in a bone-chilling web of lies. Disturbed and filled with unexpected twists, Verity perfectly matches the aggressive and unpredictable nature of Bull Sharks.

Shortfin Mako


With the highest- brain-to-body ratio, the Shortfin Mako Sharks are the most intelligent species of shark. These knowledgable animals are hard workers too, as they can swim faster and jump higher than any other shark. These knowledgable creatures with admirable work ethics would love any kind of fact-based book and especially any book that offered advice on how to improve oneself.

Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear would definitely be any Mako Shark’s number one read. Clear provides a comprehensive framework for developing productive habits to help readers reach any goals they may have. Atomic Habits provides practical strategies on how to get rid of old habits, implement new habits, and ways to motivate yourself to be successful. Mako Sharks would love to use what they learn from this book to find new ways to be better than their competing shark species.

Great White Sharks


Great White Sharks are known as deadly predators that are the leading stars of shark week. The release of Peter Benchley’s novel Jaws in 1974 followed by the creation of the film adaptation built a reputation for Great White Sharks as relentless beasts who spend their days hunting for humans. In reality, this is not true. These fish are not mindless killers, but rather just misunderstood creatures who sometimes attack because of curiosity or to protect themselves when they feel threatened. Great White Sharks would love any book with a misunderstood main character that they could relate to.

In Mary Shelley’s horror classic Frankenstein, scientist Victor Frankenstein reanimates pieces of corpses in order to create an artificial man. Frankenstein must deal with the consequences of his actions when everyone responds negatively to his creation. Similar to Great White Sharks, Frankenstein’s monster understands what it is like to be judged as a monster without justification.

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