Wattpad Creator Program Plans For Immense Author Payout

Wattpad continues to raise the bar for aspiring authors with the implementation of the Wattpad Creator Program. Learn all about their plan to pay their authors.

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Wattpad is once again proving that it is the platform for authors after launching its Creator Program. Wattpad’s Creator Program is yet another way that Wattpad is helping its authors build their writing careers through Wattpad. Though it’s an invitation-only club right now, Wattpad is incredibly open about the requirements creators need to meet to be an Official Wattpad Creator.

When I was younger, I viewed Wattpad as a way for just about anyone to put their writing out there for people to read. And for the most part, I was right, Wattpad is a platform that is entirely creator centered. Now through the years, I’ve come to appreciate Wattpad for what it really is. I have a greater understanding of the things Wattpad does for its authors.

I’ve seen more and more books being published from Wattpad Books. Works like The Invincible Summer of Juniper Jones by Daven McQueen, Along for the Ride by Rachel Meinke, and Creatures of the Night by Grace Collins are just a few examples of the reach that Wattpad has. Even Anna Todd’s After series started out on Wattpad (what I consider to be their first great success story).

We’re in the business of helping writers build a global audience and make money. With this program and investment, we’re putting millions of dollars directly into authors’ pockets, and helping them hone their skills with new editorial support and educational programming.

Jeanne Lam, President, Wattpad when talking about the Wattpad Creator Program
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With the Creators Program, Wattpad will pay writers a stipend of up to $25,000 in return for making their stories exclusive to their platform. Over the 2022 year, Wattpad has plans to pay out a whopping $2.6 million to qualifying creators. Now you might ask, what qualifies someone for the Wattpad Creator Program?

The program puts an emphasis on a creator’s Engaged Readers metric, a system that Wattpad uses to monitor and calculate the depth of readership on a story. The Engaged Readers metric goes a few steps further than the platform’s Total Reads, which just measures how many times a story’s parts have been viewed. Engaged Readers shows readers with “5+ minutes of time spent reading your story in the last 365 days.”

Personally, with all the things that Amazon Kindle authors are dealing with (Kindle e-book returns) Wattpad is becoming a friendly alternative. Though their Creator’s Program is on the front end of its rollout, I think that it’s definitely going to be on the up and up. And even though Wattpad isn’t an exact alternative to platforms like Kindle or Apple iBooks, it offers something those platforms don’t.

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Wattpad’s Creator Program is a way for aspiring authors to create connections in an already thriving community. They offer marketing tools, editorial support, creator-focused resources and open up avenues that authors usually have to scrape and fight for. Not to mention, so many works from Wattpad have shot to fame in recent years with the rise of movie adaptations. Nonetheless, I’m stoked to follow along with this and see how it progresses.

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