Viola Davis Launches JVL Media, a New Diverse and Inclusive Publisher

A collaboration with her husband, Viola Davis’ new project paves the way for inclusivity within the publishing world.

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Paper cutouts of people in different colors placed on a light blue background.

Viola Davis, EGOT award-winning actress, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, together with her husband, Julius Tennon, have announced exciting news. Along with author and publisher Lavaille Lavette, they have launched JVL Media, an independent publishing company whose goal within the industry is one of strength, diversity, and inclusion. This new publisher pushes for inclusivity in the literary world, emphasizing diverse stories by diverse authors.

Introducing JVL Media: A Pioneering Publisher

Book cover for D. E. Rogers’ Black States of America. The hands of a Black man hold a mini globe. Faintly in the background you can see he is wearing a suit. The title and author name cascade down the cover, each line written in either white, red, or blue.

JVL Media will release titles such as Tiki Davis’s Had to Lose to Win: The Tiki Davis Story, Dr. Johne Battle’s The Inclusion Leader Genuis, Tanya Wright’s upcoming novel New Hope, and d. e. Rogers’ Black States of America. The company states that its goal is to elevate marginalized voices whose authentic, honest stories must be heard by everyone.

Our mission is to interlace a rich mosaic venerates the enduring heritage of storytellers from diverse walks of life.

Colorful paper hand cut-outs reach out to a paper Earth.

JVL aims to include children’s and young adult books on its radar by 2025, furthering its reach from the current nonfiction titles on its list. Lavette wishes for JVL Media’s mission to spread joy and unity throughout humanity, empowering readers with a sense of wonder and a thirst for knowledge.

JVL Media transcends traditional publishing. We’re nurturing a literary culture that echoes the soul of our society and propels us into the future with stories that matter

Julius Tennon

Now more than ever, celebrating and empowering diverse stories and uplifting diverse authors is key to an empathetic understanding of those around us. Publishers must take responsibility for highlighting these experiences and valuing inclusivity, following in the footsteps of the pioneering JVL Media.

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