‘Vampire Husband’: The Antics of A Vampire and Elderly Wife

A supernatural couple and their everyday lives. ‘Vampire Husband’ is about a human woman marrying a vampire and the crazy, hilarious adventures they face. It’s the perfect read to relax with!

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Ever wondered what it’s like to marry a vampire? Well, Webtoon creator Scagony introduces a slice-of-life comic called Vampire Husband. This Webtoon updates Tuesdays and Fridays and follows the livelihood of the ‘odd’ couple.

Vampire Husband: Plot

old wife on vampire husband's shoulders

Charlies is a vampire who never expected to settle down, but Cheryl somehow came into his life and heart. They’ve been happily married for close to fifty years. But, explaining to people why Charles still looks like he’s in his twenties is a challenge. They’ll face vampire hunters, werewolves, and Cheryl’s elderly friends. This is a cute slice-of-life story looking into this supernatural duo and how a relationship with a vampire could be.

Meet the Couple


a picture of Charles, he has pointy ears, yellow eyes, red pupils, and thick brows

Charles is stubborn and a bit hard-edged. However, meeting Cheryl has softened his heart and he is a stoic type. He worries about Cheryl’s well-being and eats most of her pudding. He of course drinks animal blood and can’t be in the sun. But he compromises for her and he is very protective.


Cheryle as an eighty year old woman (present) she has gray hair, glasses and a blue cardigan.

She is more outgoing and encourages Charles to try new things. She can be feisty and fun when she wants to be, which is always. Her relaxed attitude and kind heart have opened doors to new werewolf neighbors, even baking cookies for the mediocre vampire hunter.

My thoughts when reading Vampire Husband was how it is part of my weekly relaxing reads. Many short and sweet Webtoon comics just go straight to the point. Vampire Husband is a slice-of-life read and I gush over the adorable couple. The fact that Cheryl is very old and Charles is young brings that comedic relationship dynamic where one person is older than the other.

However, just peaking into their daily lives and small moments when he drinks blood or how they can’t go to the beach, the compromises, and how chill Cheryl is with Charles being himself, is a cute supernatural take. When the couple faces a vampire hunter and werewolves there aren’t many confrontations more of a humor aspect. if you enjoy the supernatural genre, minus the drama and more for short stories with comedy, then Vampire Husband is a good read.

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