Upcoming Multimedia Book Brings Attention to New Forms of Activism

Featuring the largest public creative collaboration in American History, a new multimedia book by Phaidon is releasing this October.

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Photo of highway billboard at sunset

As social and environmental issues gain more attention, the mode of delivery of these concepts to the public continues to evolve. The art publisher Phaidon is working together with For Freedoms, a political organization, on an amazing project that captures new forms of groundbreaking activism.

From Billboards to Book Prints

Phaidon is releasing a book titled Where Do We Go From Here? — which, in its bindings, will hold over 500 photographs of artwork commissioned by For Freedoms. The political organization For Freedoms describes itself as “an artist-led organization that centers art as a catalyst for creative civic engagement, discourse, and direct action.” The organization was founded by a coalition of artists and dedicates their work to promulgating understanding and justice through diverse creative projects. Under this goal, their campaigns provide visionary tools to communities and independent artists.

Billboard reading "how do you keep your heart open"

Their most recognized initiative is their billboard campaign, which is documented in the upcoming book. It features work by well-known and incredibly influential artists, including The Guerrilla Girls, Jenny Holzer, Rashid Johnson, and more.

A collage of billboards overlooking roads, shopping centers, and other busy streets with different words and images on them.

With such a campaign, artists are given a voice on national and local issues. This project challenges our understanding of marketing and artistic expression and how these things collide.

What Else Is in the Book?

Pink and blue book with flag graphic

In addition to the thought-provoking billboard photos, this book presents essays written by Nadya Tolokonnikova, a conceptual artist, activist, and founding member of Pussy Riot, and by Rujeko Hockley, the Arnhold Associate Curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Pre-order for Where Do We Go From Here, the first monograph of the largest public creative collaboration in American history, is now available.


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