Upcoming ‘Hercules’ Adaptation Is TikTok Inspired

In a surprising turn of events, filmmakers Joe and Anthony Russo are producing a live-action ‘Hercules’ adaptation which will turn Disney on its head!

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HERCULES, from left: Philoctetes, Hercules, 1997, Walt Disney Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection Walt Disney Co./Court

In a recent interview with Variety, filmmakers Joe and Anthony Russo discussed their newest producing ventures, including their plans for a live-action Hercules adaptation. With a new independent production company they’ve named AGBO and Guy Ritchie (he worked on Aladdin!) set to direct. This experimental new project quickly made headlines due to one very intriguing detail.

Apparently, Hercules is going to be some kind of TikTok musical? To which we have to ask: wait, what?

TikTok: Home Of The Hercules Adaptation?

Joe Russo goes on the record to say that “audiences today have been trained by TikTok” in regard to the expectations and boundaries that come with a mainstream, modern musical. Overall the brothers fail to provide a more thorough explanation of what they mean. This leaves us wondering what a TikTok-inspired Hercules might look like. Will there be dramatic camera cutaways from angle to angle? Or is the inspiration more subtle than that?

Hercules adaptation featuring still of Hercules movie.

However, it’s not as though TikTok is synonymous with only the bad and the ugly. Creators on the app have made some truly amazing works of art, including the well-known Bridgerton fan-made musical. In fact, while the Russo brothers didn’t name-drop the musical… We can’t help but speculate if their inspiration for their trend-savvy adaptation has anything to do with Abigail Barlow’s and Emily Bear’s unofficial adaptation.

A New, Experimental Take

Meg and Hercules gif for live-action Hercules Adaptation.

The Russos mention Guy Ritchie as a source of inspiration for their take on the beloved animated film. They remark, “Guy is perfect for it because he has penchant for experimentation.”

And again, this is both very exciting and incredibly vague. It seems as though the Russos want to go against the grain, as recent live-action revivals of Disney’s classics have been hit or miss with some audiences.

But, as we all know, there’s no pleasing everyone. The Russos are definitely excited to give us something new to get hyped about when it comes to Hercules, but whether or not it will ‘go the distance’ has yet to be seen!

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