Unique Acts of Kindness for Your Bookworm Friends

There’s never a bad time to show kindness to the ones you love! Continue reading to find fun gift ideas for your bookish family and friends!

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Showing different bookish gifts.

It’s never a bad time to show a little kindness to the people you care about. For some individuals, it can be super easy to pick out a gift for them. For others…not so much, especially if you’re looking to buy a gift for a reader. Rather than grabbing them a book — because who knows, what if you grab an author they despise? Or pick a genre they have no interest in? — try giving or making them a book-related gift, like the ones listed below.

1. Personalized Book Embosser

Embosser being used on an envelope.

This personalized embosser is perfect for a friend who is possessive about their books. They can keep track of which books in their library are theirs and which they might be borrowing. An embossed book would also be a gentle reminder for the person borrowing your book to treat it with care. Be sure to take a look at the variations so you can pick the style that will best suit that special someone!

2. Mini Book Rest

Mini book rest showing a cup of coffee and the owl design.

If you have a friend who just loves to cuddle up on the couch and read with a cup of joe in their hand then this might be the gift for them. This table has a bookholder and enough room for your coffee, making it easy to multitask. No fret if you are more of a tablet reader! This fantastic rest can hold both a book or tablet, all while enjoying a nice hot tea to go with your binge-reading night. This is the perfect gift for your bookworm pal if they love a hot beverage with their book.

3. Glass Bottle

Glass bottle with lid and book graphic.

This book-themed glass is perfect for a friend who loves to lounge outside, maybe at the park, pool, or beach soaking up the sun. They can sip on their drink easily while reading their book without worrying about their drink being left open or spilling on themselves or their book! Be sure to check out all the designs, as they have eight different styles to choose from. They also have a thermos style!

4. Book Pins

Multiple book pins with cute phrases on the covers.

Buy these pins for the decorated person in your life. Maybe they’ll put them on a jacket or maybe a bag but either way, it’ll be obvious they’re a bookworm. Be sure to check out the different options to pick the best style for your friends! They have the style above, a more kid friendly style with brighter colors and a witchy, cat lady style!

5. Felt Book Cover

Neon green felt book cover with a house and tree.

This book cover is perfect for a friend who takes immaculate care of their books. All you’ll need is felt, embroidery floss, finished embroidery, the measurements of your book, scissors, pins, needles, and irons. The cover is hand-sewn and would be the perfect reminder that it was made with love. There is a wonderful tutorial to follow on Wild Olive.

6. Book Ends

A to Z black book ends.

These bookends would be great for a friend who wants to spruce up their large bookcase. They could even put their books in alphabetical order if they wanted to, considering the bookends are the letters A and Z. Of course, these aren’t the only bookends out there, and customizing your pick to a certain style is totally doable.

7. Book Marks

Two wooden cat bookmarks.

These entertaining bookmarks are a great gag gift for someone in your life who loves smut. At first glance, these innocent cats are so cute but upon taking a better look you can see they are for smut readers. The cats might even result in curiosity from strangers, which if you have that kind of silly relationship with your friend, would be hilarious.

8. Book Tracker

Handmade tracking journal for reading.

Consider making the major bookworm in your life their own book tracker. All you’ll need is a notebook or journal, a pencil, a ruler and some markers. You can customize each page to your friend’s interests. Not only will your friend appreciate it because they’ll be able to track their books but they’ll be reminded of the time you took to create it for them.

9. Book Tote

Tote with book graphic.

A perfect little tote for your friend who is constantly on the move and busy. They can throw their books, Kindles, iPads, or whatever they are using to read in their bag along with anything else of importance. This would be a great gift for a birthday, a graduation, or just the right gift to give when you’re feeling extra kind.

10. Reading Light

Purple reading light that goes around night, showing a charger and different light colors it offers.

We’ve all had those moments where we just physically cannot put down our book. A reading light would be perfect for a family member or friend who stays up hours into the night determined to finish their book. You can make it more personable by picking out your friend’s favorite color.

11. Book Lamp

Book lamp decoration, showing it open and three other colors it offers.

Maybe you have a friend who loves room decor as much as they love reading. This book lamp would be the perfect addition to their reading nook or home in general and can double as a reading lamp. Coming with three different light modes, people can pick which is most fitting for them. This will be the perfect gift for a friend who has a cozy reading nook and is looking for cute decor to go with it.

12. Mini Book Charms

Mini books laying in a circle.

Create a mini book for the book reader in your life. It could be used as an ornament or a car decoration. There’s a great tutorial to follow on Red Ted Art. Although their example is showing Harry Potter, these can be customizable to your friend’s favorite books. All you need is mini printed book covers, an extra sheet of paper, glue, and scissors.

While none of these gifts are actual books, they are all useful to readers in some capacity. But picking out the perfect one for your friends and family is up to you! Maybe buy them two gifts that can used together or maybe make one you know they’d absolutely love. Good luck!

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