Umbrella Academy Released New Teaser – Everything We Know About Season 3

Netflix’s ‘The Umbrella Academy’ just released a new teaser for season 3! Here is everything you need to know for the new season.

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Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy produced and created by musician Gerard Way, just gave us a new teaser for season 3, confirming its June 22nd, 2022 release date.  This teaser shows the Hargreeves family getting ready for a faceoff between The Umbrella Academy and The Sparrows Academy. Here is what we know.

A New Reality

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The Hargreeves won their fight against yet another apocalypse. However, due to their messing around with the timeline, they came back to a new alternate reality, where instead of The umbrella Academy, we have The Sparrow Academy. The latter make their first appearance in Volume three of the comics.

The Umbrella Academy : Hotel Oblivion

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Hotel Oblivion is the title of the third volume of The Umbrella Academy, and like its predecessors, the show will follow its theme, although it is known to follow the plot loosely.  We got the first confirmation that season three will be following the volume three-story arc in the October 1st, 2021 teaser, where they show a bell ringing at the very end. 

Hotel Oblivion is Reginal Hargreeves’ prison for The Umbrella Academy’s most notorious and dangerous villains (think Arkham). In the comics, the villains break out and The Umbrella Academy tries to defeat the group of villains. Still, The Sparrow Academy intervene to save them while referring to the Hargreeves as family, confusing The Umbrella Academy.  

Hotel Oblivion was followed by volume two, Dallas which was released after an almost ten-year wait. Initially announced in 2009, we got the third volume of the series in 2018. So thankfully, we won’t have to wait that long for season three. 

The Sparrows

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The Sparrows are The Umbrella Academy’s counterparts. In the comics, they show to be related to Mom, but based on the ending of season two, changes have been made, and they are now affiliated to Reginald Hargreeves and act as a replacement to the original Umbrella Academy. The Sparrows are among the 43 children born on October 1st, 1989, by mothers who were not pregnant before that day. The Sparrows got their debut in Hotel Oblivion and are expected to be the center of both volume four of the comics and season three.


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Unlike the comics, Ben will be a part of The Sparrows Academy and will be very much alive. Last season, Ben finally became visible to the rest of his family, already visible to his brother Klaus. He shared a beautiful moment with his sibling Vanya, asking her to hug him as he fades away into the night for his final rest. Although we only saw him briefly, the character seems to have a different and colder personality.

Perseus X

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One of the many villains to break out of the Hotel Oblivion was Perseus X, a scientist who created a time machine and has goals of breaking his father, Perseus IX, out of the Hotel Oblivion. The show includes a lot of time-traveling, and having Perseus be the season’s next main villain will undoubtedly create an exciting plot and more room for events to get muddled up, possibly setting up season four.  

Other Characters of Concern

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Season one of The Umbrella Academy started with the death of Reginald Hargreeves, but the end of season two brought him back alive and healthy. It was also discovered that the Hargreeves patriarch was, in fact, an alien this entire time.  There is a lot to uncover about Hargreeves and his mysterious life in the next season.

Lila, Diego’s love interest and another one of the 43 children born on October 1st, 1989, can mimic anyone else’s powers. At the end of season two, Lila is shot and then brought back to life by Five using time travel, leaving her as an ally.

Harlan, a boy who Vanya created a deep attachment for, left one of the more significant cliffhangers, showing an ability for telekinesis by making a toy bird. This show of power may signal that Harlan is somehow connected to the Sparrow Academy and maybe a possible villain, as Harlow would be much older in the present day of season three.

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