Top 3 Typing Guide Books to Help Write Your Novel Faster

Typing is an essential skill when creating a novel. If you want your future book to be drafted and possibly published, here are three books that will help with typing.

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Typing is important when you want to write a novel. Although paper is still used, typing is more efficient and quick. Today is World Typing Day. If you want to increase your typing speed and efficiency for your next novel, here are three popular book guides.

How to Type Fast by Brandon Nankivell


If you want to double your typing speed, this guidebook will give you the seven keystones of success. You can set goals, learn how to touch type, write books two times faster, learn beginner and expert typing, plus thirty-five new typing tips and techniques. Nankivell is an author who has typed professionally for ten years. His experience will be resourceful for anyone who wants a refresher or is beginning to type.

Typing for Beginners by Betty Owen


This is a basic handbook that self teaches while learning at your own pace. Several of these speed methods are from one of New York’s most successful business schools. There will be drills that focus on accuracy, speed, how to write business letters, symbols, and trouble-saving tips.

Touch Typing in Ten Lessons by Ruth Ben’Ary


You can learn finger placement to the alphabet. Practice tests and rills are there to help with speed and accuracy. You can utilize this book for office or school work, or for typing a novel. It can be used as a refresher and is the shortest guide to covering all the fundamentals of typing.

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