Time & Time Again: A Vampire and Wolf’s Time Travel Adventures

Time & Time Again is perfect for those who are fans of Back to the Future. Two different species who have always been written to dislike each other, go on an adventure of a lifetime!

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Is it possible for a Vampire and Werewolf to get along? In almost all fictitious writing, these species are enemies. However, creator Deo.I decided to mesh them together and become partners in time travel. Webtoon comic Time & Time Again is fantasy and adventure with supernatural twists and science fiction flare. This comic updates every Monday.

Time & Time Again: Plot

Characters Werewolf Steve and Vampire Agent Adam from Deo.I Webtoon Time & Time Again

Every full moon, werewolf Steve can time travel, but against his will. Unfortunately, every time he is stuck there for four weeks until he is transported somewhere new. Adam, the Vampire agent, must keep Steve from disturbing the entire universe. Adam puts his job and life on the line, but they become in mortal danger despite their efforts. From Steve’s uncontrollable abilities to the unfathomable red tape of Adam’s work, can they work together undetected and possibly sop this all for good?


Adam in a suit and tie

Adam is a vampire and a workaholic so, he doesn’t have many friends. He dedicates his time and follows the rules of his world Chronsylvania, where he receives assignments to protect the fabric of time. When he stumbles on a case with a strange anomaly in the universe, he doesn’t expect to meet Steve, who’s half vampire and werewolf. His werewolf side is dominating him and he kills lives. Now he must kill him to reduce damage to the timeline. However, he can’t do it, and thus joins him every full moon to prevent him from killing again.


steve with beard and denim jacket

Steve doesn’t remember what happened. He just woke up somewhere else and craved the taste of blood. When he got overwhelmed he would transform into a werewolf and wreak havoc on whoever was near him. He has dealt with the long weeks with no one. Then one day a vampire arrives saying he must be dealt with and that he is interfering with the timeline. He didn’t ask for such a fate, he doesn’t even know how this happened. What he didn’t expect was for the agent to let him be. Adam didn’t give up on him, now he has a friend who is keeping him company every time there’s time travel.

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