Three To Read: The World of Women Poetry Collections

On the occasion of World Poetry Day, we have compiled three poetry collections written by great female authors. Here is the Three To Read for the week!

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A beautiful and prominent type of writing is poetry. “Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words,” is how Robert Frost described poetry. With the power that poetry holds, it is only fair that there is a day dedicated to it. March 21st is World Poetry Day and on this occasion, we present to you our poetry recommendations.

Hot Pick

The Trees Witness Everything

By Victoria Chang
Image Via Hachette


A poetry collection that uses the art of saying less to communicate the larger intensity, Chang has written about many things and yet singularly about the isolation of the mind. She uses Japanese syllabic forms that are called waka which shapes the structure and count of each poem.


Chang captures the mind’s calm, melancholy seclusion while reaching forth to describe the pang of desiring, the hawk and its shadow, and our human need to bury the minute beneath the light – all with reverence, economy, and humor. Her collections talks about a lot with care and directness.

Dark Horse

The Hurting Kind

By Ada Limon
Image Via Milkweed Editions


The Hurting Kind delves into these issues, embracing other people’s tales and methods of knowing, taking unexpected twists, and always arriving at a point of shocking clarity. These poems follow the seasons, replete with horses, kingfishers, and fish with glittering eyes. They also praise parents, stepparents, and grandparents for the sacrifices they made, the different lives they lived, the sensitivity shown to a wounded kid, and the abundance of having two families in hindsight.


Ada Limón, the winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award and a National Book Award nominee, has written a stunning book about interconnectedness—between humans and non-humans, ancestors and ourselves.

Coffee Shop Read

If Not, Winter: Fragments of Sappho

By Sappho and Anne Carson
Image Via Amazon


If Not, Winter opens a fascinating insight into the brilliance of a lady whose lyric force spans millennia by mixing the ancient secrets of Sappho with the current magic of one of our boldest and most creative poets.


This translation of Sappho’s work, along with the original Greek, comes from poet and classicist Anne Carson. Carson offers all of Sappho’s existing poetry fragments, using brackets and white space to indicate missing text so that the reader might picture the poems as they were written.

On this day of World Poetry Appreciation and Women’s History Month, hope these recommendations show the power of female poets.

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