Three-To-Read: Gripping Mystery Recs For Your Bookshelf

This July, Bookstr provides some mysterious three-to-read book recommendations to obsess over for the next month.

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This July 28, we can expect “Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin” to premiere, which may re-light some passion for the scandal and mystery genre. If you are a lover of Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie, and all things mystery, you may be looking for a new recommendation to obsess over this month. Whether these novels include scandals, theft, murders, or more, here are Bookstr’s three-to-read recommendations for some new mysteries to get your hands on this summer!

Hot Pick

The Paris Apartment: A Novel

By Lucy Foley


Synopsis: A classic whodunnit narrative, we learn about Jess, who recently moved in with her brother Ben. Things take a turn for the worst when Ben goes missing one day, and Jess realizes that no one can avoid suspicion in his apartment complex, from neighbors to workers- including herself.

Why: The story takes the classic whodunnit situation from mysteries and thrillers to create a suspenseful mystery that combines interesting characters (and suspects) as well as the sophisticated setting of a Paris apartment that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat.

Beach Read

Reckless Girls: A Novel

By Rachel Hawkins


Synopsis: Lux and her boyfriend Nico are excited to sail two women out to an island in the South Pacific as an eventful job opportunity to also explore new locations. However, Lux surely did not expect the history and stories surrounding the island regarding murder, cannibalism, and shipwrecks. There, the couple and two women meet another couple who own the island, and their dark secrets, as well as the island’s, begin to uncover.

Why: What better beach read than a mystery that takes place in an island? There are plenty of dark secrets revealed throughout the pages of the book, and readers can expect to learn about the many layers that lay within each couple in the island.

Dark Horse

The Maid: A Novel

By Nita Prose


Synopsis: Molly is a hotel maid who lives for the predictability and consistency that her job provides. Unfortunately, she finds an end to that joy when she enters the suite of the wealthy Charles Black, found on his bed without a pulse. Now the primary suspect by the police, Molly and some newfound friends have to hurriedly search for clues that reveal the truth of the murder.

Why: The book features a likable and relatable protagonist for readers and audiences to relate with, and the novel features a heartwarming journey that Molly explores alongside her struggle to find the real killer.

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