Three to Read: Celebrating International Children’s Book Day

This International Children’s Book Day, Bookstr provides you three children’s books to add to your bookshelf and inspire your inner child!

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You might remember your younger days of reading, when the children’s books you had in your hands inspired courage, creativity, and diving yourself into a new literary world. It is important that we celebrate and place importance on reading and literacy, especially within the younger generations. With International Children’s Book Day this April 2nd, we can do just that! Our team at Bookstr decided to pass on the gift of reading and literacy for this International Children’s Book Day with three children’s book recommendations!

Hot Pick

Knight Owl

by Christopher Denise

Knight Owl: Denise, Christopher: 9780316310628: Books

Synopsis: An inspiring tale of courage and resilience with the young Owl, who dreamed of knighthood since hatching. In spite of his lack of size or strength, Owl does have a superpower: his nocturnal instincts! As knights start to go missing, Owl realizes his chance to protect the castle from a new intruder. It is a fearsome challenge for Owl, but through intellect and resourcefulness, Owl proves himself to be a true example of knighthood!

Why: This children’s book uses wit and the power of narrative to inspire your children. In reading the adventures and bravery of Owl, you can learn not only about the importance of courage, but also in using your brains. We learn that bravery comes in all shapes, sizes, and birds.

Coffee Shop Read

Dragon Boy

by Fabio Napoleoni

Dragonboy by Fabio Napoleoni | Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Synopsis: Dragonboy is adventurous, creative, and most importantly, imaginative. In fact, he loves imagining himself as a dragon, where he can explore new territory and face new challenges and adventures! Especially with the help of his courageous (stuffed) animal companions: Darwin, Yellow Kitty, Simon, and Drako, the group emphasize the importance of friendship and teamwork in every journey!

Why: If you’ve read Where the Wild Things Are, you may recognize some similar themes with Dragonboy. Like most of us as children, we all stuck ourselves into our imaginary worlds, and the protagonist of this book reminds us of this. With Dragonboy, we reminisce on the importance of friends, and we remember that no matter what adventure, there are always friends along the way!

Dark Horse

Take Off Your Brave: The World through the Eyes of a Preschool Poet

By Nadim

Take Off Your Brave: The World through the Eyes of a Preschool Poet: Nadim,  Ismail, Yasmeen: 9781536223163: Books

Synopsis: Take Off Your Brave is a collection of poems written by four-year-old Nadim. Yes! Four years old! Nadim provides for his audience a look into the mind and world of a child, from flowers and glitter, and relationships with your family. In his world, animals talk and everything is pure magic!

Why: What better way to read a book for children than through the eyes of an actual child? You can appreciate this read to be a true representative of the innocence that stayed with us through childhood, and experience the nostalgia of re-exploring your childhood innocence with the words on a page.

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