Three To Read: Best Romance Beach Reads For Your Summer

As beach season approaches, you may be wondering which steamy reading materials you’ll want with you to beat the heat and relax this summer!

Recommendations Three To Read

As the heat starts coming, so may your plans to beat the heat at the beach. To prepare for this summer’s upcoming heat wave, you may be looking for some new summer reads to kick back and relax. For all of you romantics out there, here are some romance suggestions for your day at the beach– or any reads you plan on this summer!

Hot Pick

Cult Classic: A Novel

By Sloane Crosley


Synopsis: In a combination of fantasy and romance, we learn of a woman, Lola, who runs into a former boyfriend… then another… then another. Currently engaged, we learn of Lola’s journey through her memories of past love, heartbreak, and ghosts of relationships’ past as she balances them with her current relationships.

Why: For this read, readers can expect a barrage of genres including mystery, fantasy, and of course, romance as we travel with Lola on her journey in understanding her memories, morals, and intricately well-woven love life through the pages of this novel.

Coffee Shop Read

Honey & Spice

By Bolu Babalola


Synopsis: As the host of her school’s radio show, witty and sharp-tongued Kiki Banjo is a guide to women of her university to not fall into the heartbreak-heavy world of players and situationships. However, her reputation comes to a head when she falls into a fake relationship with player Malakai, and despite how strong their newfound connection is, Kiki is determined to salvage and maintain her reputation.

Why: This read is something contemporary and modern, perfect for a coffee shop read! Readers will find passion, wit, and learn about how love can hide in the most unexpected of places!

Dark Horse

Briefly, A Delicious Life

By Nell Stevens


Synopsis: A ghost story combined with a lively (get it?) romance, readers learn of a ghost from the 15th century who still spends her time in a monastery in Spain after all these years to haunt and learn about its new patrons. Fast forward to the 19th century, our teen ghost Blanca finds writer George Sand, as well as Sands’s family, as new occupants of her village, where readers will learn about the unrequited love that starts to bloom for Blanca towards George Sand.

Why: In a hauntingly beautiful novel, readers will find a combination of the supernatural with an unlikely romance. For all of you readers who look for romance in not-so-typical places (i.e. living with the non-living), then this novel will be a great one to dive into this summer!