Three Creative Books Including Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln’s assassination was today in the year 1865. Here are three creative books about Lincoln: one has paranormal twist, one about his youth, and one about the man who shot him.

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Today marks the day that Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth in the year 1865. Being the sixteenth president, he wrote the Gettysburg Address and wanted freedom for all African Americans. Despite all these accomplishments that he is known for, do we really know the guy underneath that top hat? Here are three creative books that include Abraham Lincoln, his story, his death, and the people that contributed to his life.

1. Lincoln In the Bardo by George Saunders


We all have some understanding of what Lincoln did for the United States. Especially, his impact on the Civil War. Well, what if there was an author who did a creative twist with that concept, creating hundreds of narrators in a theatrical paranormal story?

George Saunders did just that with this book. It takes place in the year 1862, with Civil War on the rise. While there were blood baths of battles Lincoln had to face, his son Willie was in the Whitehouse, ill. When Willie is pronounced dead and laid in Georgetown Cemetery, he doesn’t realize he is in a special purgatory called ‘bardo’.

This historical framework focuses on the father/son relationship between Lincoln and his son. Including several narrators who have stories of their past lives. Themes such as paranormal theatrics, life, supernatural realm, and more, make it a curious read.

2. Young Lincoln by Jan Jacobi


Want to explore Lincoln’s childhood? This book is about the young years of Abraham Lincoln. He tells the stories of Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois. He explains the tension of parental expectation, especially his relationship with his father. He explains his crave of solitude and the need for friendship. He talks about his depression and loneliness that he faced.

Materials from primary sources were found by Lincoln’s partner William H. Herndon, and author Jacobi created an image of Lincoln by using them. The novel talks about loss, lack of religious faith, and father/son relationships.

3. Booth by Karen Joy Fowler


Next, is the final book about the man who shot Lincoln. John Wilkes Booth’s family life and history is depicted by Fowler in this work. The story focuses on Junius Booth, the breadwinner of the family, a Shakespearean actor. His family was living in secret, in a cabin. With ten children on a farm for the next sixteen years.

When Civil War is on the rise, they come out of hiding and soon become a leading theatrical family. However, there are scandals, family victories, and criminal activity that follow. The solemn siblings of John Wilkes Booth discover the truth behind the destructive plausible yet wrong promise that is revealed.

This novel is about a family that makes or breaks, and shows a changing country.

Take a gander at these three books. Let’s learn about our history and let it have a creative ending. For more on Lincoln go to Bookstr.