This New Publishing House Is Putting Authors First

This new publishing house has the potential to transform the industry. Read on to learn more about the publisher that aims to put authors first.

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What would it look like to put authors first in their work? When it comes to talk of advances and profits, the numbers don’t always fall in the favor of the authors themselves. With the start of this new publishing house, backed by influential authors and industry experts, the aim is to put authors at the forefront.

Creating a New Publishing House

The goal of the publishing house is front and center with the name Authors Equity. The company is headed by major publishers: Madeline McIntosh, Don Weisberg, and Nina von Moltke. Their respective backgrounds as CEO of Penguin Random House (US), CEO of Macmillan, and president and director of strategic development at Penguin Random House (US) will certainly impact the process for authors in big ways, and with the hope that Authors Equity will be a catalyst for change when it comes to supporting authors in the entire publishing process.

An Author-Centered Approach

Currently, the pitch description for Authors Equity is to not have advances for authors and instead give them a larger portion of the book’s profits. Bestselling authors like James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, have supported the creation of this publishing house and also intend to publish future works through Authors Equity.

Atomic Habits cover by James Clear, golden atoms on a cream background.

Big Changes for the Publishing Process

So why is it important to see this change now? With big publishers’ set processes, authors may find themselves having to fit a mold that may not always match what they have in mind. Following the four publishing principles of Authors Equity, they promise: Aligned Incentives, Bespoke Teams, Flexibility and Transparency, and Long-Term Collaboration. From strategies, creative talents, and giving time for authors to develop their ideas, it’s clear that Authors Equity wants to lead with intentionality. If anything, they are set to make decisions alongside the author with the support that both the author and books need, rather than instilling pressure where the author may not fully be on board with the result.

With a promising premise and change to the typical publishing process, we’ll be on the lookout to listen to authors’ experiences and read new books from Authors Equity.

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