Things About The Fault In Our Stars Adaptation That I Adore

In 2012, John Green published The Fault in Our Stars and crushed my soul. And then again with the movie adaptation of the book in 2014. I’m talking 3 things I adore about The Fault in Our Stars!

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Besides this being an iconic book, the movie adaption of John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars is a phenomenal rendition of this heart-wrenching story. For the eight-year celebration of the adaptation that graced our screens, I’m going over three things that I just can’t get enough of from this movie.

I’ve already said before that The Fault in Our Stars is one of my favorite books (and movies) to cry to, so it should be no surprise that I’m going to be the one to talk about my favorite parts. I would assume by now that everyone has read the book or seen the movie, and if you haven’t you definitely should because they’re both so good. That being said, let me tell you about one of my favorite movies.

The Characters of The Fault in Our Stars

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Hazel Grace Lancaster

Starting with the main baddie herself. I can’t fully describe what it’s like to read a woman who is written by a man to who I relate so heavily. I first read the book when it came out in 2012 and at the time, I hadn’t really known heartache. I certainly didn’t know anyone who had cancer, so reading this I was searching for anything to relate to and what I found was Hazel.

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Augustus Waters

I think there’s something so human about downplaying your own pain for the happiness of others. That’s exactly what I’ve felt Augustus Waters did every time he was with Hazel Grace and Issac. Though, I can’t quite determine whether it was out of selflessness or selfishness. Hear me out, I know that sounds absolutely horrific, but based on the amount of time that Augustus knew he was sick, I wouldn’t positively be able to say one or the other. I will say the banter between Augustus and Hazel was one of the things that makes me believe in love.

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Peter Van Houten

Look, was the guy an absolute jerk? Yes, but (!) he had the tiniest redemption arc at the end of the book and I think that him showing up in the final act gave Hazel that little bit of closure that she needed. Props to John Green for taking me through the five stages of grief and then having this jerk recluse be the thing that tipped me over the edge. I’m not even kidding y’all, the pages of my copy of The Fault in Our Stars is like warped from my tears. (Also the fact that he’s played by Willem DaFoe may play a role in my opinion of Van Houten)

The Fault in Our Stars Amsterdam Trip

I’ve never left the United States before, so I love reading books where the characters travel to far-off places and have experiences that are life-changing for them. I’m someone who likes to be sucked into books whenever I read them, and I was not disappointed by this one. This trip was a turning point. I remember devouring this book, so I reread this portion about three times.

One thing that I found really interesting was the inclusion of An Imperial Affliction by Peter Van Houten. I adored that scene even though it was entirely cringey and I wanted to throw my book across the room in anger at Mr. Van Houten. That connection that Hazel and Augustus formed over their love over his book and then the complete disaster van Houten turned out to be felt all too real. I have one question for John Green, who hurt you that you’ve hurt all of us with The Fault in Our Stars?

The dinner date at Oranjee was amazing. This is one point that I give to the movie though. Only because it was done so beautifully with all the trees and the lights. By far my favorite part of this whole scene was the waiter’s remark about Dom Pérignon inventing champagne.

He called out to his fellow monks, ‘Come quickly: I am tasting the stars.’

The Fault in Our Stars, John Green

The Soundtrack of The Fault in Our Stars

cr. The Fault in Our Stars on Spotify

Stacked doesn’t begin to cover this tracklist. I’m a big believer in the idea that music can change your outlook on something and this is no exception. If I don’t have time to watch the movie or reread the book, I’ll just listen to the album and get a little teary-eyed. This is one of those movies that once you’ve watched it once, it sticks in your head. Whenever you hear a song from the soundtrack, you automatically travel back to the time when you first watched the movie. Every time I hear Boom Clap by Charlie XCX, I’m in Amsterdam.

Our emotions are so deeply entwined with our senses that we aren’t able to separate the two, no matter how hard we try. Overall, I love this movie and will be rewatching it tonight for the anniversary of its release.

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