The White Tiger: A Prominent Selfish Society Commentary

Everyone has something to say about their society. Adiga pens his down beautifully in his book, The White Tiger that was published in 2008.

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Having dreams and ambitions is as natural to a human as it is to them to be prominent in their society. Some have the luck and the resources to materialize their dreams while others serve them during and after their success. The White Tiger was the story of a servant boy, clawing his way through life to achieve his ambitions, based on the book written by Aravind Adiga. Priyanka Chopra was also in the book’s adaptation which was one of the best book to movie adaptations ever.

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Commentary on the rat race of a society that thrives on productivity and money. It is one story that has a good ending for the protagonist but leaves the reader highly unsettled. 14 years since it was originally published, the book still makes me recoil when I see myself make decisions based on its monetary result. While it doesn’t outright derogate the need to be rich and societally successful, it gives the reader the room to take their own morals. Some accept that the world is messed up and to thrive, the path has to be grey. Others like me, take the innocent route. We would rather take a backseat and survive than go down the darker alley and gain compensation.

Adiga did something that few do. He gave us an India that wasn’t solely helpless. Creating a mental scenery of desperation and survival, he showed that the typically highlighted rural regions were as malicious as the forever active urban. There was an evil drive in all the characters that gave them depth. Made the readers almost embarrassed to relate to them, which only further deepened the connection. The characters were shallow, narcissistically woke, and selfish. The book talks about things that society normally whispers about. An evergreen story that will never age badly.

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