Inside ‘The Rings of Power’ Opening Credits Secret Meaning

Did you notice how interesting the opening credits are for Amazon’s new ‘The Rings of Power’? Us too! Here’s what we know about the mysterious shapes.

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The runic symbols and strategically placed sand aren’t just for looks. The Rings of Power opening credits has sparked some discussion amongst fans. Here’s what we know so far about what the symbols could mean in the opening credits of the latest adaptation of Tolkien’s beloved universe.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power opening credits gave off big Tolkien vibes, but what does it all actually mean? From the music to the artistically done choreography of symbols and runic shapes, the opening credits were nothing less than stunning for Amazon’s new hit series. These shapes aren’t just for looks, though. There is actually some secret meaning behind the opening credits and here is what we know so far.

Haven’t watched the opening credits yet? Watch below!

cr. Doğukan San via Youtube

What’s Everyone Saying?

Of course Twitter is on things quick! A few fans caught on to the opening credits and revealed some interesting information.

cr. @hobbitsimp_ via Twitter

In the original video quoted, Twitter user Engineering Inventions notes that the figures in his video are called “Chladni figures” produced by sound vibrations that produce two-dimensional patterns. Chladni figures are “nodal patterns.” The sand migrates to the area with the least motion producing intricate symbols and designs. So cool, right?

Another Twitter user went in depth on what the meaning behind the opening credits could actually mean.

cr. @LiterallyAKing via Twitter

Plains of Yonder, the creators of the opening title sequence, revealed their thought process behind the enchanting segment in a website posting. They highlighted the timeline in which the sequel is taking place noting the inspiration it gave to their iconic opening sequence.

“The prequel series is based thousands of years before The Hobbit – a time of Sauron’s ascendency when dragons flew and Proto-Hobbits roamed. We set out to portray a universe both primordial and timeless. Taking inspiration from J.R.R Tolkien’s Ainur, immortal angelic beings that sing such beautiful music that the world is created from their very sound, we conceived of a main title sequence ‘built from the world of sound.'”

Plains of Yonder

They continued with a beautiful description of what the opening credit is depicting.

“The sequence conjures an ancient and invisible power, struggling to be seen. Symbols form, flow, push, and disappear as quickly as they came. The unknowable realms of sound create fleeting visions of conflict and harmony that move in lockstep with Howard Shores’ opening title score.”

Plains of Yonder

What Else Do We Know?

According to Tolkien’s lore, his beloved world was created by music of angelic beings.

Variety shared, “It was with such heavenly inspiration that Bashore, Crawford and their team at Plains of Yonder explored the science of cymatics, a ‘natural phenomenon that makes sound visible to the eye.” Bashore explains, “We came with the idea of a main title built from the world of sound, not built from the world of film.'”

Rings of Power Opening Credits

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It has been revealed by Mark Bashore that there is one clue hidden within the title sequence, which is very exciting. Have you guessed what it is yet? I will be strategically analyzing every single inch of the opening credits until I figure it out.

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