‘The Moth Prince’: Where Fairies and Humans Collide

‘The Moth Prince’ is about a human and a moth fairy working together to take off the curse and bring the prince home.

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A fairy adventure awaits for the protagonist in this short chaptered Webtoon, The Moth Prince. This fantasy romance focuses on a curse, friendship, and human v. fairies. Creator sonderfairy updates this comic every Sunday.

The Moth Prince Plot

The Moth Prince cover photo

Arcade is a boy who dreams of adventure, but is discouraged after moving to a new country. Something changes his life when there is a local legend of maig and fairies being true. Now, a new adventure pursuit is in his grasp. When he starts to dive deeper into these legends, he then meets a cursed prince who needs help in the woods. It’s up to him to help him and in exchange he can learn about magic.

Meet the Characters


The Moth Prince character Arcade

Arcade is a very positive and adventurous person. When he discovered that fairies and magic are real in his new town, he immediately began his research. Exploring the spooky forest close to nightfall, he did not expect to meet a fairy. Upon first impression this prince is a bit cautious, but he wants to learn about magic and help the moth prince, Fern, get back home.


The Moth Prince character Fern

Fern has to go back to his world, but he is unable to produce magic ever since he wore that dark crown. Now with a curse over him, and a father who abandoned him, he has a lot of trauma and baggage. No one really believed in his powers, there was a cdertain way to do things and he was very ill. But now with no one to turn to, he was alone. But now, with a persistent human visiting almost every day, maybe there is hope and a close friendship.


The Moth Prince character Sonya

Sonya believed in all magical legends and tales. She hopes to find out the truth and witness it herself. When she notices the new kid taking an interest, she secretly puts a note on his desk that shows a site explaining these legends. Now, they are good friends and fan of all this local magic. She is Jolene’s girlfriend.


The Moth Prince character Jolene

Jolene is Sonya’s girlfriend and doesn’t take interest in the local magic legends. She does enjoy sports and going to the gym. At first, she wasn’t sure of Arcade’s intentions but she trusts him and they have formed a good friendship as well. She is very attached to her girlfriend despite their different interests.

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