The Miracle of Most Mighty Matilda Characters!

A classic in literature and pop culture Matilda has been influencing kids for ages. Read on to see who makes our top 5 mighty Matilda characters.

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Matilda by Roald Dahl cover design

Roald Dahl’s Matilda is one of the most influential children’s books of the 20th century. The novel follows small but mighty Matilda Wormwood and her intense battle against family dynamics, kindergarten homework, and the evil principal Miss Trunchbull. The franchise has touched millions of book lovers and will continue being adored for centuries. But the real question is, out of all the imaginative Matilda characters from Roald Dahl, who is the best? Continue reading to find out which character is the most mighty!

5. Bruce Bogtrotter

Any child who can eat a chocolate cake that is triple their size deserves a spot for best character, and it has nothing to do with Bruce being my favorite song on Matilda, the Musical soundtrack! Bruce is a fan favorite for his fearlessness, his charisma, and his hungry appetite! Though the evil Trunchbull has it out for little Brucie, he is able to fight back in any way he can and help his fellow classmates stand up for what is right. We are all rooting for Bruce. Let him eat cake!

Drawing of Bruce from the Matilda paperback.

4. Lavender

We all have our own friendships, and Lavender is a perfect representation of what a best friend should be. She is loyal, inspirational, and full of courage. Yet, these are not what give her a spot on this list. It is her ability to encourage these traits out of Matilda that makes her so special. Though Matilda is strong, Lavender helps build her thick skin by showing her how to stand up to the bullies of the world. Even if that means you have to be a little naughty (song pun intended) sometimes. Lavender is who I look for in a best friend, and you should too! She may be small, but she has a fire in her that not many kids do. Lavender’s strong female ability is heartening, and I hope that every girl sees a Lavender in themselves.

3. Miss Trunchbull

She’s angry, she’s cruel, and she has the Chokey ready for her next victim. She’s the bitter Agatha Trunchbull, and she earned spot number three. This is where different opinions will split, but nobody can deny that Miss Trunchbull is one EVIL character. Though I do not want to give too much away, let us agree that throwing kids out of windows and forcing students to eat pounds of chocolate cake might make her seem cruel. Though she no force to be reckoned with, Miss Trunchbull is best described as fascinating.

Illustration of Miss. Trunchbull from Mathilda paperback.

Evil is not all bad; sometimes, it leaves you curious. I view Miss Trunchbull as interesting to learn more of. Though she is looney, she leaves us readers in shock from her extreme actions. She is tough to read, yet impossible to put down. Sometimes, a protagonist is SO evil that it makes them a fan favorite, and the lucky Miss Trunchbull has hammered our hearts too deep.

2. Miss Honey

Kind, sweet, and easy…just like Honey! We all love the warm and nurturing personality the lovely Miss Honey brings to us readers. She reminds me of those special teachers in school that you see as family, who really show that they care about you. She really sets the bar high for all teachers looking to change their student’s lives! Miss Honey may be softer than most characters in the book, but that is what makes her character so likable. In every chapter, she brings ease to the tension, and she disguises all of Trunchbull’s chaos as life lessons for her students. We all want that softness in our lives and that feeling of compassion and admiration from someone who cares. Miss Honey takes the gold, giving her second place.

Illustration of Ms. honey from Matilda paperback.

1. Matilda

We all knew it was coming…the book is called Matilda, of course! Though her age may make her seem weak, Matilda is one brave little woman! Fighting off her wicked parents, her smelly brother, and the intimidating Mrs. Trunchbull, Matilda is a tough nut to crack! Her creativity, curiosity, and individuality are what make her character a fan favorite. Matilda greatly encourages her fellow classmates to express themselves and to believe in what they can achieve. With her leadership, Matilda helps her entire school rise against the evil they face, all at the age of six and a half! And to make things serious, she is one heck of a book lover! All this makes her the obvious choice as the most marvelous, mighty Matilda muse!

Illustration of Matilda reading a book in a chair from the paperback.

Matilda is full of odd characters, and Roald Dahl’s magical ability to create such original figures is quite impressive. Of course, we would love to see more of Matilda’s adventures, yet our curiosity must be left to her kindergarten adventures. If you are looking for something new, try the musical version of Matilda! We hope to see more Matilda soon, but until then, let us know who your favorite character is!

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