The Eragon Disney+ Show Based on the Book Series, Is Now in Development!

Return to the Land of Alagaësia as Disney Plus develops a series based on The Inheritance Cycle series by Christopher Paolini. Eragon, Alya and Saphira await!

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An Eragon TV series based on The Inheritance Cycle series by Christopher Paolini, is in development with Disney+. Paolini is said to co-write the series, rebooting the disastrous movie released in 2006.


While the platform reboots the Percy Jackson series based on the Rick Riordan novels, Disney+ is also attempting to develop an Eragon series adaptation. Penned by Christopher Paolini, the 2002 novel was the first in a quartet book series called The Inheritance Cycle.

Eragon was followed by Eldest, Brisingr and Inheritance. The books tell the story of a young farm boy named Eragon. He discovers a mysterious stone that’s revealed to be a dragon egg and embarks on a journey to protect the dragon- which he names Saphira- from the evil king named Galbatorix. Similar to The Lord of the Rings, Eragon encounters elves and dwarves, and falls in love with the elf princess named Arya.


Eragon swiftly became a hit upon its publication, becoming the third best-selling children’s book in 2003, and the second best-selling book in 2005. Overall, the entire series has sold over 33.5 million copies worldwide.

The novel’s success resulted in the attempt at a movie franchise, but due to its novel inaccuracies and critical disdain, the sequels were scrapped by Fox. It didn’t help either that Paolini took 4 years to write each subsequent novel, meaning that it might be difficult for the movies to follow the book series, considering the potential long wait in-between movies.


Variety reports that an Eragon show is now in development at Disney+. Author Christopher Paolini is set to write and run the adaptation. The studio is looking for someone to write the TV series with Paolini, seeing as he doesn’t have much experience with writing for television.

The Eragon show marks the latest major novel franchise to get a TV adaptation at Disney+, following the in-production Percy Jackson and the Olympian series, with Rick Riordan working on the adaptation. With two young adult book-to-series adaptations in development, if Disney+ continues down this road, there’s a chance that we might see a possible adaptation and reboot of the Divergent series by Veronica Roth, and the The Underland Chronicles series by Suzanne Collins.


Until we get more news about the upcoming Eragon series, read (or reread!) the book series and check out our other articles about Christopher Paolini’s works here!