The Circus Is In Town: 5 Recommendations For Clown Week

Clown week has started and today we have 5 circus-related recommendations with fantasy and romance storylines to behold. Peek under the circus tent to find out.

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This week we’re celebrating clowns with a bookish twist. We have five recommendations for books about the circus. Prepare for fantasy, sci-fi, and romantic takes on the circus-themed book. Magicians, clowns, and other entertainers are some of the characters you’ll behold.

1. The Circus Infinite – Khan Wong


Jes is being hunted for his gravity powers. He decides to go to Pleasure Moon, a place where he can blend in like everyone else. In this place, everyone wants to be lost in limbo. But when the wonder of the resort casino has his eyes on him, his new job at the circus may not cover his tracks. When this crime boss finds out the bounty on his head, he decides to make a deal with Jes: Do whatever I say or die.

Now Jes must do espionage, destruction, and torture to survive, only to have the boss make the circus take the fall. However, with Jes and his new friends, they will work together to stop that narcotic-stealing mobster.

2. The Circus Rose – Betsy Cornwell


Prepare for a queer retelling of the Snow White and Rose Red

Two teen twins must battle an evil religious monster to save their loves and circus family.

Twins Rosie and Ivory grew up with a ringmaster for a mother. After years on the road, they return to Port End, a city they call home. However, there are so many changes since they’ve last even been there. Fundamentalist flyers are everywhere, and preachers in the squares are warning of shadows covering the land.

The circus guarantees a light show that will scare the shadows away. However, a tightrope incident causes Rosie to be in danger.

With themes of social justice and religious fantasy, Ivory and her magician love must track the evil priest to save the circus and her sister.

3. Circus of Shadows – Kimberlee Turley


Seventeen-year-old Grace Hart got caught stealing on the Circus Train. Expecting an arrest, she is instead offered a job as a new assistant to circus magician and knife thrower, Jack. He is charismatic, and his aim isn’t perfect.

When Gracie starts her new job, she suddenly receives threatening notes in her costume. Is it a ghost haunting, or is it his past assistant?

Plagued by deja vu, notes, and suspicions of Jack, supernatural secrets occur at the Vincenzio’s Circus Troupe & Menagerie. Death is soon discovered, and Gracie must solve it, or she may be next.

4. The Night Circus – Erin Morgenstern


The circus arrives without warning, it is simply there with no announcement.

Welcome to the Le Cirque des Reves, open at night only.

Competition is brewing behind the scenes. A duel between magicians Celia and Maroc, who have been trained since childhood by instructors. Not known by them, only one can be left standing. However, love stumbles in, very deep and magical. Everything is still and warm when they touch and are close.

True or not, the game must go on, and the fates of many of its performers and patrons are involved.

Prepare for rich and seductive prose between competition and love.

5. Circus Shoes – Noel Streatfeild


When their aunt dies, they are on the verge of being separated in the orphanage. Two children run in search of their uncle, who works for the circus. And soon they may be a part of the seasonal performance.

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