The Boys Season 3 Trailer – New Powers, New Characters, & More Violence

Season 3 of ‘The Boys’ is here, and everything is new. New powers, new characters, and new storylines. One thing that remains the same is the violence.

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Season 3 of The Boys is back after the two-year Hiatus and the trailer is jam-packed and is already shaping up the Amazon event of the year. Expected to premiere on June 3rd, 2022 for another eight-episode installment, the story contains new powers, characters, and more violence. The main cast will all be reappearing, including Antony Starr, Karl Urban, Erin Moriarty, Jack Quaid, Timer Kapon, Chase Crawford, Laz Alonso, Domonique McElligott, Jessie Usher, and Karen Fukuhara, as well as some new characters.

As depicted in the Season 3 poster, the trailer opens to Imagine Dragons Song, Bones, and Billy Butcher dealing with his new powers of heat vision. Billy gets this serious power-upgrade through Compound V, which he, along with the rest of the boys, takes in the original comics.  We can also presume he will have super strength, similar to that of the original series.  

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The trailer then goes into several shots of other characters clenching their first, broodingly staring into mirrors, and dramatically taking off their glasses. It then cuts to A-Train, played by Jessie Usher, stopping a protest with a can of “Turbo Rush”, similar to that of Pepsi’s Live For Now commercial, starring Kendall Jenner, bringing a brief moment of levity, before going into the gore of it all.  

From that point on, the trailer speeds up showing us a superhero boy band, and a myriad of scenes containing sex, drugs, chaos, and of course, violence. We are also given the first physical appearance of the superhero Soldier Boy, played by Jensen Ackles, whose history is currently a mystery in the show.  In the comics, however, he is the third person to hold that name and falsely claims to have fought in World War II.  He is willing to do anything to be a part of The Seven, even going as far as to engage in relations with Homelander.  Based on the trailer, we will not be seeing this side of the character, instead, we will be getting someone who makes Homelander feel threatened, and although seems impossible, is worse than our hated antagonist.

The Boys, based on a comic book series originally owned by D.C.’s imprint Wildstorm, is currently owned by Dynamite Entertainment. The series had a six-year run from 2006 to 2012.  The show has taken its own life beyond the comics though, creating new and interesting storylines.

The Boys also has an animated spin-off series, Diabolical, that premiered earlier this month and is just as bloody as its live-action counterpart.  Diabolical consists of eight-episode, running thirteen-minute per episode. Each episode follows a new storyline about someone affected by Vought Corporation, taking place after season two, with the exception of episode 8, “One plus One equals Two”. Most episodes do not fit the tone of The Boys, having storylines centered around light-hearted subjects that do not add to the story but contain just as much violence. The animated series may prove useful for understanding the upcoming season. Episode 8, in particular, acts as a prequel, giving us Homelanders origin story.

The Boys is not Amazon’s only gory super-hero animated show; Invincible, based on the Image Comics series of the same name, is another comic series I highly recommend that, like The Boys, has a definable beginning and end.

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