The Bookstr Teams’ Favorite Cinnamon Roll MMC That We’d Love To Hug

Are there MMCs you just wish you get a hug from? The Bookstr team is sharing their favorite Cinnamon Roll male protagonists we want to embrace!

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Two men hugging.

While we love our FMCs, we need to remember to appreciate the MMCs as well. Some of them deserve a nice, big hug, whether that’s just because they’re so cute or because they could really use one. I asked the Bookstr team which MMCs they’d love to hug, and you can read their responses below.

Izuku Midoriya from My Hero Academia

Izuku, wanting to save people with a smile, and trying his best to master the increasing power of One for All, gets wrecked during his vigilante arc in the manga. The kid has been through so much that he needs a hug and I’d gladly give him one. When Izuku goes on his vigilante spree, trying to find and finish off the main villain All for One, while also wanting to save Tomura Shigaraki from All for One’s clutches, it just shows the burden Izuku was putting on himself as the hero Deku.

Side profile of vigilante Deku standing on a building and pulling at his scarf.

Izuku traveled through the villain-filled city alone, leaving behind his friends and pushing away the heroes who were there to help him. My mind was just like, “Kid, you need to stop and sleep.” Though his Dark Deku costume is very cool to see, it displays how worn down Izuku is that he no longer smiles. And the evacuees protesting for Izuku to leave UA school grounds in fear of All for One coming for them when he clearly needed to rest made me want to hug and defend, which he did get, thankfully, though personally, if I could, I’d give him the biggest hug possible for coming so far in his hero journey.

Claudia Maldonado, Editorial

Auggie Pullman from Wonder

Auggie Pullman smiling and looking up.

Auggie goes through so much in his life, and he is only a fifth grader. He goes to a private school with other kids, and he gets bullied because of his physical appearance. I would want to give him a hug and tell him that it will get better, but at least he has a supportive family. Auggie is a regular kid who loves playing video games and Star Wars, but is treated differently because of what he looks like. Auggie is so strong and cares about his family and friends. I would want to hug this character because he is such a kind and good person who can’t control the way that he looks.

Molly Ireland, Outreach

Samwise Gamgee from The Lord of the Rings

Sam is the epitome of loyalty and kindness. His unwavering support for Frodo and his big heart make him someone you’d definitely want to hug. Samwise Gamgee is such a sweetheart because of his unwavering loyalty, selflessness, and genuine kindness. Throughout The Lord of the Rings, Sam consistently puts Frodo’s needs above his own, showcasing his deep compassion and dedication. His optimism and humility shine through even in the darkest moments, providing hope and encouragement to those around him.

Samwise Gamgee looking off to the distance.

Sam’s pure heart and moral integrity, combined with his bravery and simplicity, make him a deeply relatable and endearing character. His actions, driven by love and a sense of duty, highlight the strength and beauty of his character, making him a beloved and cherished figure in literature. His ability to find beauty and positivity, even in dire situations, provides emotional support and encouragement to Frodo and others around him. Sam’s actions are driven by a pure heart and good intentions. He genuinely cares for others and strives to do what is right, even when faced with difficult choices. His moral integrity and goodness shine through in everything he does.

Adelina Milano, Social Media Outreach

Shin-Ah from Yona of the Dawn

Shin-Ah with his mask on and Ao perched on his shoulder.

Listen, everyone in the Happy Hungry Bunch deserves a hug, but out of the four dragons, Shin-Ah has always tugged at my heartstrings a little harder. He’s just precious and doesn’t deserve any more harm than he’s already received. His only guardian growing up was a tragic soul himself, often taking out his frustrations on poor little Shin-Ah. Even then, Ao was the only person who ever cared about him, and it was heartbreaking when he could no longer be there for the little guy. So, even though Shin-Ah does find his people — and his voice, which is rewarding to see — I’d still offer him a hug. And Ao the squirrel. I’d hug her, too.

Gabriela Collazo, Editorial

Nick and Charlie from Heartstopper

Nick and Charlie are hands down the sweetest cinnamon roll MMCs I can think of, and I can’t choose just one to hug! Their bond is so adorable and pure, and I love following along with their journey throughout the release of the graphic novels and TV series. I especially love how the TV casting matches Oseman’s character illustrations perfectly – it makes Nick and Charlie feel like real people!

Nick and Charlie lying down on their phones.

Where Nick is a sporty teddy bear, Charlie is a shy and smart sweetheart. Charlie’s deeper and darker experiences throughout Heartstopper only make me love and relate to him more, and I’d give anything to wrap him up in a hug and tell him everything will be okay. Heartstopper is such a sweet cinnamon roll universe, and I can’t think of a single character (besides Ben) that I wouldn’t want to hug!

Fiona Hansen, Editorial & Outreach

Kamado Tanjirou from Demon Slayer

Kamado Tanjirou glaring at someone.

Tanjiro lost his father before the series started, then lost his mother and four of his five siblings in the first episode. Then he threw himself into training and becoming a demon slayer to save his younger sister. That’s a lot of stress and pressure for anybody, let alone a teenager. But he never loses his kind and sunny personality, and he shows compassion even for demons. But somebody needs to take care of this poor boy, because he will worry about everyone else before himself. I just want to give him a big hug and tell him that he’s done such a great job and that everything will eventually be okay.

Danielle Tomlinson, Editorial

Ben from Forbidden

'Forbidden' by Emilia Emerson book cover with a collection of flowers.

He is the sweetest MMC who loves to pamper his mate and cook her everything she could ever want. He is beyond loving and kind while still wanting to be protective like the alpha he is.

Kristi Eskew, Editorial

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