The Betrayal of the ‘Vampire Academy’ Episode 9

How many times must fans be left on the edge? The newest episode of ‘Vampire Academy’ has left all of us on the edge of despair with all the betrayals.

There was a ton of action and drama packed into the ninth episode of Peacock’s Vampire Academy but most importantly there were multiple betrayals like none other. Having one of your favorite book series adapted into a TV series is one of the best feelings, if the show is done correctly.

And despite the changes to the show, I feel like Peacock’s Vampire Academy is staying true to the core aspects of the book series, which in itself is important. But with changes come doubts, so let’s get into the emotional and very real betrayals in the newest episode. But if you don’t like spoilers and haven’t seen the episode, don’t read ahead.

Dimitri and Rose

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Rose and Dimitri are a forbidden love match because as Guardians they are duty-bound to put the Moroi first always. Yet, their love for one another makes them question whom they should protect first. It is essential that they come together in order to aid in the revolution of their society’s needs in order to progress.

But Peacock’s Vampire Academy seems to betray this relationship during episode nine. Rose is on the run with Mason, in order to discover herself apart from Lissa. And Dimitri is being held by his superiors until sentencing by the Queen. But just what will this sentencing bring? What punishment will be handed down to Dimitri?

And why are the guardians focusing on sentencing two of their best guardians, when there is political unrest? When they are at war with the Strigoi? I hope it’s to demonstrate the importance of the Guardians’ position but also to show how misguided Dimitri’s superiors are. Especially since one of their best guardians is locked away when the Strigoi attack.

Lissa and Rose

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Rose and Lissa’s friendship is unique within the Dominion because theirs is a friendship between a Moroi and a Dhampir, something quite uncommon. But with their newest episode, this friendship is hanging in the balance. Rose and Lissa have just learned that Rose died to protect Lissa during the car accident and I can imagine that seeing yourself dead through your best friend’s memories is quite a mind trip.

But the show appears to be betraying us by breaking up their friendship, as Rose is leaving to “find herself without Lissa” by going to the human world with Mason. While I question the timing of this trip with Mason, I think that Lissa and Rose will come out stronger for it. After all, in the books when Dimitri is turned into a Strigoi, Rose leaves the Academy to find and kill him.

Despite this trip with Mason, I believe that Rose will come back to Lissa because their friendship is stronger than the distance between them. Rose just needs some spare to understand herself and what it means to be a Guardian, now that she knows she’s died.


Image via Jose Haro / Peacock

I can’t say that I am surprised by Victor’s recent turn to the dark side. I am surprised, however, with how the show accomplished this masterpiece. At the start of the show, Victor seemed to be an authentic, loving father and friend but now that’s changed.

Victor has shown his true colors. In a desperate attempt to save his reign as King, Victor forces Lissa to heal him after locking her in his room until the drugs suppressing her powers are out of her system. This betrayal by Victor is made worse because it is supposedly done with the intent of protecting Lissa and others with her magic.

Despite knowing that his daughter Sonya was driven to become Strigoi because of the darkness caused by her magic Spirit, he still forces Lissa to heal him. Even knowing that it will increase the darkness within her. This is what makes him a true villain. His betrayal of Lissa is one that cannot be undone.

Tatiana Vogel

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But the true and undeniable betrayal comes from Tatiana Vogel, who in her quest to become Queen does the unthinkable. Tatiana has not only betrayed her faith, but most importantly, her people.

Tatiana is sometimes cruel, but ultimately a wise queen in the books. But I like her better in the show because the show has written her character and betrayals so flawlessly that I never saw them coming. It turns out that Tatiana was the one behind Lissa and her family’s car accident, which we found out when episode nine showed Tatiana working with the Strigoi.

Specifically Christian Orzea’s parents! Her betrayal is shown through multiple layers, she’s been using the Christian’s Strigoi parents to attack the Moroi society as a whole in order to become queen. She organized the car accident, to take Adrian out of her way to the throne. But surprise he’s still alive! But only the audience knows this, for now. She also organized the kidnapping and exchange of Mia, in order to allow the Strigoi an attack on St. Vlad’s providence.

This level of betrayal of her people in so many ways goes beyond anything I’ve ever seen in a show. And I have to say, it has me hooked. I can’t wait to see how her betrayals affect the course of the show and hopefully its next season. Personally, I can’t wait for the people to be informed of her betrayal and just how many deaths she caused in her quest for power as queen.

Stay tuned for more Vampire Academy tension and drama as the final episode approaches and catch up on all that happened here.

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