The Best Reads for Your Next Bubble Bath

Many enjoy taking a warm, relaxing bath after a long day. If you also love books, here are some must-reads to dive into during your next bubble bath!

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Girl in a bathtub reading a book.

Maybe you enjoy having a glass of wine while taking a bath, or perhaps you like listening to a podcast. As for me, I enjoy reading. As someone who loves to take a calming bubble bath (quite often honestly), the following books are some that I have personally enjoyed in the bathtub combined with suggestions from friends. Being the professional bath-taker that I am, I feel extremely qualified to recommend these books for you to enjoy during your next dip in the tub! 

1. Smart Women by Judy Blume

Cover of book with a yellow background, stuffed bear and a a woman's arm.

Being that this book starts with one of the main characters getting into her hot tub, I feel it’s the perfect book to enjoy in your bathtub, although your bathtub may not be as glamorous! This book follows the trials and tribulations of two divorcees, Margo and B.B., living in Boulder, Colorado. Navigating family, love, work, and themselves, Margo and B.B. are just trying to do their best.

2. Local Woman Missing by Mary Kubica

Cover of book showing gray clouds and the woods.

This book was the first book that got me into reading over two years ago. I remember being so captivated by the story, as it is about a young girl who goes missing and her reintroduction to her family and society. This book reminds you that not everything is as it seems, and it definitely reminds the audience that not everyone is who you think they are.

3. You Should Have Left by Daniel Kehlmann

Cover with what looks like a misshaped landscape.

This short story is captivating and eerie, guaranteed to keep you questioning everything around you. When a screenwriter and his family decide to take a trip, they end up at a creepy, secluded home. The townspeople seem just as strange too. The family suddenly finds themselves in a repetitive loop and must find a way to escape. Being that it’s so short, you could probably finish this book in two baths!

4. Animal by Lisa Taddeo

Cover with color blocked photo.

This novel follows Joan, a woman living in New York, who has been spending her entire life facing the damage men have caused her. When one of these men commits an act of violence in Joan’s presence, she flees to find Alice, someone who can help her decipher her past, in sunny California. She finally faces the trauma she’s carried her whole life and reclaims her power. This book is the perfect depiction of female rage.

5. Motherthing by Ainslie Hogarth

Retro style cover with bright colors.

Due to her traumatic childhood, Abby hopes moving in with her mother-in-law, Laura, will finally give her the mother figure she always yearned for. Unfortunately, Laura makes Abby’s life insanely difficult and eventually takes her own life. When Laura’s ghost comes back to haunt Abby and her husband, Abby must complete one peculiar task to get rid of Laura’s ghost, which will leave readers shocked.

6. Keep It Up, Cutie!: A Not-Quite Self-Help Book by Anna Przy

Quote bubble on a pink cover.

Taking a bubble bath is a part of self-care, so why not read a self-help book while doing so? Przy teaches how to set boundaries with yourself and how to practice self-love by sharing funny but honest stories about her life. By showing how she’s gone through hard times, feeling burnt out and pressured to keep up with society, she helps other ladies realize they can pull themselves out of that hole too. The book even comes with a cute sticker sheet!

7. The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn

Window shades on the cover.

Anna Fox is a recluse living in New York. She spends her days watching too much television, drinking too much, and spying on her neighbors. Her new neighbors, the Russells, seemed like a perfectly normal family until, one day, Anna spots something she shouldn’t have. As her world begins to spiral, Anna questions everything and everyone around her.

8. I Want to Be Where the Normal People Are: Essays and Other Stuff by Rachel Bloom


Rachel Bloom’s collection of personal essays, poems, and graphics covers topics like anxiety, insecurities, and so much more. Talking about how she felt like she never fit in, Bloom tells relatable stories about her love for Spanx, as well as Disney, to her struggles with mental health. Her hilarious storytelling is bound to make you laugh!

9. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl cover by Gillian Flynn, strands of blonde hair on a black background.

While preparing to celebrate her fifth wedding anniversary with her husband Nick, Amy suddenly goes missing. Perfect husband Nick digs himself into a hole after silly daydreams about his wife. After discovering Amy’s diary, it is revealed that Amy could have driven anyone to the extreme. While facing pressure from Amy’s parents and the media, Nick doesn’t make a good name for himself by telling lie after lie, but is he really the one at fault?

10. Self-Help by Lorrie Moore

Bathroom cabinet open with a bunch of toiletries on the shelf.

In this book of short stories, Moore tells tales of all kinds. In voices that are strong, funny, and sometimes unhappy, Moore shares stories of love, loss, and memory. From a young secretary who is sleeping with a married man to the breaking of a marriage, she keeps the audience hooked in this compilation of short writings.

No matter your preferences when it comes to taking a nice, hot bath, these books are guaranteed to keep you mesmerized and entertained. Be careful not to get too distracted and turn into a prune!

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