The Best Food Truck Food For Every Genre

Reading and eating go hand in hand. After all, we’re usually doing it for quite some time. Let’s talk about great food truck pairings with your favorite genre.

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A blue food truck with a menu posted at the top and open windows

In the same way that there is the perfect food for the perfect movie, there is the perfect food for the perfect book. And while we have a kitchen full of yummy snacks, sometimes I want to read outside the house. Let’s talk food trucks and the best food truck-style options to go with different book genres. This is any food commonly found in food trucks and how they elevate the reading experience.

Fantasy – Something Sweet

I can’t help but think something sweet is the perfect accompaniment to the perfect fantasy novel or short story. Something sweet or colorful is just enchanting enough for a story filled with magic, fae, and other fantastical elements often found in the fantasy genre. More specifically, I’m thinking something like funnel cake. With its wacky shape, it just feels like something you would find in a world of wonder. For something a little more colorful, fruity ice cream or sorbet would also make your tastebuds feel as bright as the story you enter.

Science Fiction – Pad Thai

Pad Thai-food-truck-genre-reading

A savory option with a complicated flavor would pair amazingly with a story from the sometimes complicated genre that is science fiction. I’m thinking of something that is Asian-inspired, like a noodle dish. My first instinct is pad thai. I’m a big believer that peanut butter goes with pretty much anything, but I’m always surprised by how well it works in this dish. And a dish that is full of surprises is perfect for science fiction. And it’s always the pad thai from a food truck that seems to have the most care put into it.

Romance – Something Chocolatey, Of Course!

Two cannoli with chocolate chips-food-truck-genre-reading

With romance, I always think of the foods that are said to be aphrodisiacs. But let’s make it a little more portable. I think a chocolate cannoli would be great for this, specifically from a dessert-themed truck. The chocolate sparks that romantic flame within you, and the fact that it’s an Italian dessert makes it perfectly foreign and exotic enough to be mysterious. 

Historical Fiction – Pastries

With this genre, it can really depend on exactly what kind of historical fiction you are reading. Let’s go ahead and assume it is something like Bridgerton or Pride and Prejudice. So, I guess more like a historical romance. I’m really just doing this so I can talk about carbs. But something like a scone or croissant from a coffee or pastry food truck is just classy enough for this. It will make you feel like you are rising with the sun in the beautiful and serene countryside. My ideal breakfast like this would be a cup of hot tea or coffee with a blackberry scone or a pain eu chocolate.

Horror – Popcorn

A paperbag full of popcorn spilling-food-truck-genre-reading

Hear me out! There are food trucks that sell gourmet popcorn with a wide variety of flavors. I say this because when I think of watching a horror film, I think of obliviously shoving popcorn in your mouth because you are so glued to the screen. So why should reading be different? I can often get lost in a horror novel in a way where I can’t focus on anything else, and it always has me feeling snacky. 

Comedy – Something Silly

I’m thinking something like a walking taco (like a taco salad but in a bag full of Fritos or Doritos). Or maybe something that seems ridiculous but is actually really good, like fried ravioli. Just something experimental for which there is no shortage of food trucks. So next time you hear of a truck selling something you think makes no sense, grab yourself a good comedy and give it a chance. It may surprise you just how much you enjoy it.

Comic Book/Graphic Novel – Something Pretty

A poke bowl with salmon, radish, avocado, peas and cucumber.-food-truck-genre-reading

One thing I always pay extra close attention to when reading a graphic novel is the illustrations. They’re usually bright and colorful and sometimes incredibly detailed. Now a food that you think is pretty is really up to the individual, but I think when prepared right, poke bowls are very nice to look at. With all of the different colors that come from the ingredients, like rice, veggies, and raw fish, poke bowls are just as fantastical as the most creative comic. They are also customizable, meaning you can make it work for any comic of choice. 

Mystery – Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Peanut butter and jelly sandwhich-food-truck-genre-reading

When it comes to a mystery, your mind has to be as clear as possible. What with all the thinking you do when you try to guess the end before it is revealed, you can’t be distracted by anything. Something classic and simple, like a high-quality peanut butter and jelly sandwich, works great for this. A flavor profile that most are pretty familiar with, it proves that something can be both simple and delicious, meaning your tastebuds won’t distract you from what really matters. Like who the thief is.

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