Terrific Fictional Felines That Will Make You Want a Cat

Have you ever wished you could have your favorite fictional feline by your side? Here are the closest real-life felines ready to be your animal companion.

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They say dogs are a man’s best friend, but these fictional kitties prove that cats can be just as friendly! While, unfortunately, none of these lovely felines are up for adoption, in celebration of Adopt-A-Cat Month, we’re recommending the closest felines that you can adopt to match your fictional purrfect pair.

1. The Famous Feline Buttercup from The Hunger Games


This controversial cat was Primrose’s pet (and Katniss’s nemesis) in The Hunger Games. Buttercup is a productive feline, even with his hatred of Katniss, as he often kills the rodents in Everdeen’s home.

While Buttercup was unanimously adored by readers in the books, he had a heavily criticized appearance in the first film adaptation. Despite being named Buttercup after his yellow coat, the movie rendition picked a black and white cat for the role. This caused such an outcry that the cat’s actor was changed in the later movies.

Whether you’re a fan of the original Buttercup or the first movie’s casting choice, you have to admit Buttercup is one adorable kitty. If you’re looking for a cat just like him, a Maine Coon would be the perfect fluffy addition to your family.

2. The Comforting Cat Bleeker from Gone Girl


If you’re going through a tough breakup— or an absolutely manic relationship like the story of Gone Girl— you might need a feline like Bleeker by your side.

Bleeker is Nick’s cat, and not only does he provide Nick with a sense of stability, but even Amy chooses to take care of the cat before going through with her crazy plans. Within the movie especially, the cat played an important role to help flesh out the characters. Back when the movie was released in 2014, numerous articles were published addressing the importance of the cat.

For feline lovers who want a cat that will stay with them through even the toughest of thrillers, adopting an orange tabby like Bleeker would be the perfect pet.

3. The Furious Feline Mogget from Sabriel


If you’re a fan of fantasy felines, Mogget has to be one of the most magical and dangerous. This cat’s from the world of the Old Kingdom series by Garth Nix. Not only does this smart cat talk, but he’s a magical being contained in the body of a cat.

Sadly, you can’t adopt a snarky magical cat at your local adoption center. However, you can probably find a white cat that would be the perfect replacement and less likely to cause mass destruction.

4. The Powerful Panther Bagheera from The Jungle Book


Bigger cats deserve some love too! Bagheera, the black panther from The Jungle Book, is a constant source of knowledge and protection for Mowgli. We all wish we could have such a knowledgeable cat by our side.

While a black panther is definitely not a house cat, the Bombay black cat is the perfect alternative to bring The Jungle Book to your home.

5. The Crafty Cat Wuss Puss from Coraline


Regardless of if you’ve watched the movie or read the book, Coraline has a whimsical cat that makes quite the impression. While he doesn’t get a name other than a few nicknames, like Wuss Puss, the cat’s a helpful guide for Coraline as she explores the world the Other Mother created. 

A whimsical companion for any horror exploration, keep on the lookout for black cats to adopt. You never know when a feline might become a guide through a spooky world.

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