Swimming Lessons For a Mermaid: Love Can be Found at Sea

Finding true love can be as broad as the ocean. Read the romance Webtoon ‘Swimming Lessons for a Mermaid’.

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Webtoon romance comic Swimming Lessons For a Mermaid is perfect for romcom fans and those who enjoy The Little Mermaid. This Webtoon is completed and was created by Yongchan, go check out the deep sea love!

Swimming Lessons For a Mermaid Plot


Chao is a mermaid who can’t swim! Discouraged, she goes to live on land with her human father with magical legs. She leaves her sea sisters and mother behind. She hopes for an ordinary human life with no one ever finding out her secret, and her desire to swim being wiped out. But, when suddenly, the star of the high school swim team finds out her secret, what will become of her?

Meet the Characters

Chao Shin


She is a mermaid who is unable to swim. She has four sisters and, at a young age, got legs with an expiration date of adulthood. She left the ocean behind and is now an ordinary human girl. She tried to stay out of everyone’s way and to focused on her studies. She is studious and was alone until her secret was revealed. Soon, she made a deal about learning how to swim. Will she be able to conquer her insecurities and succeed?

Soo Lee


He is a super popular and friendly guy to all his classmates. He is part of the high school swim team and loves to be in the water. But the added pressure to be the best doesn’t help him perform well at swim meets. As punishment, he cleans the pool after hours. One day at the pool he sees his isolated classmate turn into a mermaid. Soon, he is fascinated and strikes up a deal to keep her secret and teach her swimming. They form a special bond over the water. Can this bring his swimming confidence back?

Icelyn Lee


Icelyn is part of the friendship trio of Chang and Soo Lee. They have been friends since they were kids. She is very stoic and is really close with her childhood friends. She is susupicious when Soo is paying special attention to Chao. She is curious of her sudden change and intentions. But she is a reliable friend and usually spends time with Chang when Soo is practicing swimming.

Woo Seon


Woo is a childhood friend of sorts to Chao. He remembered seeing a mermaid on the shore of his old neighborhood home when he was young. When meeting Chao, he was angry and shy of the ocean and of making friends with anyone. Despite that, he spent time with her and kept her secret. He has had a long time crush on her. He has a beauty mark on his face and isn’t athletic, but Chao can be brutally honest with him about her mermaid life.

Chan Song


He is the most dramatic and teasing friend of his trio. He loves to tease and joke around with Icelyn and Soo. He is a big supporter of Soo’s swimming career. Chao isn’t so fond of his super silly nature but he is the comedic relief.

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