Sweet and Spicy Nannies: 6 Sensational Stories To Savor

The line between professional and personal blurs, tension builds, and drama unfolds. Who knows what awaits an innocent nanny and their oh-so-tasty boss?

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Looking for a juicy story to sink your teeth into? Well, you’re in luck because I’ve got just the thing to satisfy your literary cravings…

In the world of literature, there exists a subgenre that often remains underexplored but holds immense potential for stirring affairs: Nanny Romance. With a plethora of options, it’s overwhelming to decide what to read next. But fret not — I’ve got you covered. This list has been carefully curated to cater to every romance lover’s taste.

The History of Nanny Romance

So, where did this crazy subgenre start? Interestingly enough, it traces back to classic literature, where stories involving caregivers and those they serve form a unique bond. Yet, even with its older origins, the modern concept of Nanny Romance only took shape around the 20th century with the rise of popular culture and the evolving role of women in society.

Mary Poppins cover by P.L. Travers, Mary Poppins descending from the sky with her black umbrella.

An early example of Nanny Romance is shown in the 1964 film Mary Poppins, based on the book series by P.L. Travers. Though it’s not a traditional romance, the film features a close relationship between Mary Poppins and the children she cares for, as well as a subtle romantic subplot between Mary and Bert.

Little did Travers know, but her narrative of a caring, nurturing figure forming connections within a family set the stage for future iterations of the subgenre.

Common Tropes, Plots, and Themes

These stories often explore the dynamics of power, intimacy, and trust between the nanny and their employer, as well as the challenges they face balancing their professional responsibilities with their personal desires.

The nanny’s deep bond with the child creates an intense connection between the nanny and the parent, often triggering emotional tension as the characters grapple with their romantic feelings, all while navigating the potential consequences for the well-being of the children they care for.

Sweet Recommendations

The Nanny by Tory Darting

Je t’aime.’ He nibbled on my neck, the tingles I became familiar with last night returning.

"The Nanny" by Tory Darting book cover depicting a woman hugging a man.

Twenty-four-year-old Natalie Olson, after experiencing heartbreak from her married ex-boss, lands a job as a nanny for a single father and his daughter. Though determined to keep things professional, she finds herself attracted to Andrew, her new boss. Should she take the risk of opening her heart again for love or continue to remain just a nanny in Andrew’s eyes?

Yes, Nanny by Hann Re

I’ll be your companion, until you don’t need me anymore.

Illustrated cover of a woman licking a lollypop help by a man she's holding close.

Gen Inoue, a high school beauty with a bad character, moves out to avoid her father and cruel nanny. Her father sends her crush, bodyguard Pierre Dagger, to be her new nanny. Can she live with him under the same roof?

The Big Charmer by Evey Lyon

I think you have a perfect boss who is a complete gentleman and only wants to ensure you go home very satisfied.

Illustrated cover for "The Big Charmer," by Evey Lyon decpicting a woman standing next to a business man, with his son next to him.

When a carefree bachelor hires his stunning nanny, Sadie, as a fake date to seal a crucial business deal, sparks fly. Despite her attempts to keep things professional, their undeniable chemistry leads to a passionate affair. But as feelings deepen, they must confront their opposing desires: his aversion to commitment and her longing for a family.

Spicy Recommendations

Falling For His Nanny by jj31030

Unlike the little boys you entertain, I’m a man who knows what he wants. And I want you. Every beautiful part of you.

Book cover for "Falling For His Nanny" by JJ31030 of an attractive man running his hand through his hair.

When Laurel Flynn loses her job and struggles to make ends meet, she takes a live-in nanny job for wealthy single father Levi Isaacs to pay off her student loans and support her grandmother. But when she forms an unexpected bond with Levi, their lives are changed forever.

Forbidden Daddy by Natasha L. Black

She’s everything that’s forbidden, and everything I need.

"Forbidden Daddy" by Natasha L. Black, book cover depicting an attractive shirtless man with tattoos.

Blake had always trusted his best friend, so when he recommended his sister to be the nanny for his young son, he didn’t think twice. But as the days went by, he soon realized having someone so close to him, in such an intimate role, was far more complicated than he had anticipated.

The Mafia Nanny by Violet Matter, sh00, roousuu, Drawniels, and WmW

I require exclusivity. Someone who’s never worked with anyone else.

Illustrated graphic novel cover of a man leaning down to a woman up against a wall, with the title, "The Mafia Nanny."

Davina, an Elite Nanny, is assigned to take care of a Venetian underboss, Gabriel Angelini. Despite her efforts to avoid emotional involvement, she finds herself drawn into Gabriel’s dangerous world of organized crime. As she tries to protect the child under her care, she also uncovers clues about her past.

Through the pages of these novels, you can be transported into worlds where boundaries blur and hearts collide amidst the lines of professionalism. Nanny romance, often overlooked yet refreshingly unique, offers a captivating addition to your TBR list. So don’t be hesitant to try something new! And if you aren’t sure where to look, you’ll always have us to find your new favorite story!

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