‘Sunshower’, A Webtoon Romance to Read this Summer!

Sunshower is a Webtoon about high school friends who encounter drama, romance, and adventure. Ready for a calming short chatpered slice of life read?

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Here is another romance Webtoon that shows the slice of life of five close friends. Sunshower is created by a Asian/Pacific Islander called shdow the hedgehod. Every week there are new updates. For a nice summer Webtoon read that has short chapters and some comedic drama, read Sunshower.

Sunshower: Plot


A rainy day, an umbrella, two individuals who aren’t strangers anymore. A boy romance that is a slow burn and has some drama and lovey dovey teasing. If you enjoy boy love romance or a simple read about all male group friendship, this is a feel good short chapter Webtoon.



He is very shy yet rambles on when nervous. He enjoys talking but sometimes can get caught up in the conversation. He is very kind and sweet towards his friends. His closest friends include Adrian, Daniel, and Jazz. He finally meets the infamous Noel who has a reputation of violence. But despite that rainy day he still offered his umbrella and can’t help his heart from racing. This overthinking mess with the piercings and innocent eyes is Jamie.



With a bad reputation and a chilling glare that makes people walk away, Noel has some friends who know who he is on the inside. Daniel being the closest one to him who understands his angry expression is just his natural face, no one else really knows him well. He wasn’t expecting a random cute guy he has never even heard of to offer his umbrella without an ounce of fear. To top it all off, the new stranger doesn’t beleive the rumors and wants to be friends. Although his short temper gets him into trouble, he still is a softie at heart and wants Jamie to like him.



Top grades, top of the entire school, intelligent, helpful. Daniel is seen as the popular golden boy of high school. With the last year of school coming soon, he just wants to leave and be successful. However, he is far from super kind, deep down he despises most of his classmates. He looks down on them, he finds them frustrating and demanding when they ask him for help. One thing he hates the most, is being touched. However, he can vent to Jamie and Noel about it. Even his other friends, Adrian and Jazz, don’t mind. He enjoys teasing Jamie the most, but gets a kick out of bothering Noel when he figures out there are feelings brewing between them.



Adrian is closest to Jazz and Jamie in the friend group. Usually he takes his ‘days off’ by staying at home. He has a dog and enjoys video games. He stands out in a crowd with his green hair and glasses. Although him and Jamie are friends, they aren’t considered the popular kids like ‘Daniel’. But it doesn’t hinder their group friendship.



Jazz is nineteen yet still in grade 12? It’s still a mystery why he didn’t graduate. He uses his nickname and nothing else. He’s very chill, spontanious and blunt with everyone. He doesn’t like wasting his time and usually gets into quarrels with Adrian and Daniel. Despite that he is a good friend and has everyone’s back, he usually does his own thing outside the group.

I really enjoy the artistic design of the characters, specifically their eyes and lips. If the story and art interest you, give Sunshower a read during your summer time.

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