Stupid Questions You Should Never Ask A Book Lover

People always like to say “There is no such thing as a stupid question.” But I am here to tell you that when it comes to questions one might think to ask book lovers, there are absolutely stupid ones.

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Your teacher might have always told you to ask all your “stupid questions” because they were never as stupid as you thought they were. However, we’re going to turn that around today by looking at four questions that are just too stupid to ask a book lover.

“Why are you buying more books?”

Woman picking up multiple books at a  bookstore.

No one should ever ask book lovers why they are constantly purchasing more books, even if at a much faster rate than they can even read them. Someone who asks this shows that they have certainly never felt the rush of serotonin that acquiring new books for their collection brings. For readers, it doesn’t matter if they keep adding to their endless TBR piles with no end in sight. When the mood strikes to walk around Barnes & Noble for hours, spending all of their money on books, that is what must be done.

“Are you ever going to make it through your TBR list?”

Stack of books.

This question is closely related to the first, and the most obvious answer is no. Some books will remain unread on a TBR list for months, maybe even years. A reader may not even know why they haven’t read a particular book yet that they are interested in, but does that mean they will take it off the list? Of course not! It will stay there as long as it needs to, along with the countless other books constantly added. Things may change, but TBR lists are forever.

“Why do you have so many copies of the same book?”

Multiple copies of the same books.

Sometimes one copy of a book is just not going to cut it. As we all know, when a book is first released, sometimes it only comes out in hardback. So it only follows that when the book finally comes out in paperback, one must purchase it also. The words might all be the same, and the cover may be identical, but it is still different.

Another reason a reader might have more than one copy of a book is if they have bought an author-signed copy. These are, of course, the most coveted books of all. There is something special about knowing that the author of a book you love has held and written in your copy.

Lastly, often after a book has been published for a long enough period of time, the covers get updated and redone. This update may happen because of a movie or TV show adaptation or to make the book appear newer and appeal to a more modern audience (I’m looking at you, The Summer I Turned Pretty). Whatever the reason may be, a new cover means another reason to go out and support your favorite authors by buying their books again.

“Do you want to hear a spoiler for the book you’re reading?”

Woman shocked while reading book in bed.

This question often comes from a non-reader who probably saw a spoiler online for a book they haven’t even read. The answer is, of course, a resounding NO. For most readers, there is nothing worse than having a good book spoiled for them, especially by someone who couldn’t care less about books. The book’s climax can only be experienced for the first time once, so on behalf of book lovers everywhere, please, no spoilers!

Some people may still say, “There is no such thing as a stupid question,” but after looking at the questions above, I think that most book lovers would have to disagree.

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