9 Spooky Bookish Etsy Items You Have To Buy For Halloween

Stock up on these 9 spooky bookish items from Etsy before Halloween! It’ll make finishing that spooky read that much better.

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Spooky Bookish Etsy Shops

Can you think of a better combo than spooky and bookish? We sure can’t. Bookstr found the spookiest bookish Etsy items that you have to buy for Halloween! You can even go on a blind date with a book. Keep reading to find out how!

There’s nothing like putting a spooky bookmark into that Halloween read you’re knocking off your TBR. Drinking coffee out of a spooky book mug doesn’t sound like a bad start to the morning either. We love supporting small businesses here at Bookstr, so shop from one of these Etsy shops for all your spooky bookish needs.

1. Spooky Halloween Bookish Magnetic Bookmarks, $5

Spooky Bookish Etsy Items
cr. via Etsy shop: @CarlyDesignsCo

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am obsessed with magnetic bookmarks. These are so cute for spooky season too! Imagine adding this to your current Halloween read. And come on, the ‘Read in Peace’ is adorable. Check out CarlyDesignsCo on Etsy to shop these spooky magnetic bookmarks!

2. Blind Date With A Book, $15

Spooky Bookish Etsy Items
cr. via Etsy hop: @MarDeLunaArtsCo

Blind dates sound terrifying unless they are blind dates with books! MarDeLunaArtsCo created the perfect spooky ‘Blind Date With A Book’ bundle. Grab yours for $15. You never know what you’re going to get!

3. Bookish Ghost Shirt, $24

Spooky Bookish Etsy Items
cr. via Etsy shop: @DreamersBay

What’s better than a ghost that says “Boooooooks!” instead of “Boo!”? Not much. This bookish ghost shirt is the perfect comfy fit to wear while you finish off that Halloween read from your TBR. Visit DreamersBay on Etsy to get yours for $24!

4. Spooky Bookish Boxes, $35

Spooky Bookish Etsy Items
cr. via Etsy shop: @LemonHoneyCrafts

Have LemonHoneyCrafts shop make you this spooky bookish box packed full of bookish items for Halloween! This would even make the perfect surprise gift for a friend. You get your very on ‘Blind Date With A Book’ and various cute bookish things to compliment it.

5. Ghost Reader Coffee Mug, $19

Spooky Bookish Etsy Items
cr. via Etsy shop: @dreaminginevergreen

The moment I found this, I knew I had to purchase one for myself. The colors just scream fall time and the little ghost surrounded my books is just adorable! Nothing makes coffee or tea better than a spooky bookish ghost mug. Grab yours for $19 from DreamingInEvergreen on Etsy. It also comes in different sizes!

6. Dark Academia Candle, $5

Spooky Bookish Etsy Items
cr. via Etsy shop: @BriarWick

Dark Academia vibes are truly the best vibes. Add to it with this vegan soy candle from BriarWick on Etsy. It’s available in multiple sizes. It claims to smell like old books, burnt sage, and secrets. Three of my favorite things personally.

7. Horror Novels Canvas Tote Bag, $23

Spooky Bookish Etsy Items
cr. via Etsy shop: @InkandStoriesShop

Finally a spooky tote to hold all of our spooky items! Put your current Halloween read into this bookish horror tote from InkandStoriesShop on Etsy. For $23 you could be spooking around in style and showing off some of our favorite classic horror novels.

8. Ghost Bookmark, $10

Spooky Bookish Etsy Items
cr. via Etsy shop: @LumiyaCreations

The only word I can think of when I look at this book mark is STUNNING! What a beautiful addition this would make to any Halloween read or even any of your regular reads. I would use this 24/7! Explore LumiyaCreations on Etsy for this and other bookmarks!

9. Retro Bookish Halloween Mug, $17

Retro Bookish Halloween Mug
cr. via Etsy shop: @TheBeanWorkshopStore

Is anyone else obsessed with the little pumpkin man in the center on this mug? Look at his little face. Add to your spooky mug collection with this adorable retro bookish mug! The pastels are giving the best vibes and it the perfect mug to add to your spooky contemporary romance novels! Get one from TheBeanWorkshopStore for $17!

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