Sir Salman Rushdie Resumes Writing Following Shocking Attack

The British novelist Sir Salman Rushdie made an announcement on the continuation of his writing career amid assassination aftermath and recovery.

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Award-winning British novelist Sir Salman Rushdie has confirmed that a brand new book is in the works following an appearance on Tuesday at Windsor Castle, where Rushdie was recognized with the Order of the Companions of Honour. After meeting with the Princess Royal, the acclaimed author was in jubilant spirits for having been acknowledged for a lifetime’s diligence in his literary work.

Sir Salman was the victim of a particularly brutal assassination attempt in August of last year during a speech at the Chautauqua Institution in New York. After spending the next six weeks recuperating from his traumatic injuries, the 75-year-old had lost vision in his right eye as well as significant articulation of his hands.

While Sir Rushdie has regained limited motion of his arms in the months since the attack, he has admitted that reading and writing now take him longer to accomplish than before. The road to a full recovery is still ahead of him.


Sir Salman Rushdie is commonly recognized as the mastermind behind the 1988 controversial publication of The Satanic Verses, a novel that received both widespread commendations from literary critics and condemnation by those who perceived its contents to be blasphemous toward the Islamic religion. The novel’s particular success made Rushdie a target for numerous death threats and calls for censorship that persisted for decades, ultimately culminating in the attempt on his life.

When questioned about his plans for continuing to write following his recovery, the novelist remarked that he has begun work on a short book detailing the events that transpired during the fateful day of the attack.

As to the approximate time of his next release, Sir Rushdie simply responded, “Oh, I’ll let you know.”

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