Singer-Songwriter Marina Announces New Poetry Book

Singer-songwriter Marina Diamandis has announced an upcoming poetry collection. Learn more about how Marina’s songwriting skills transform into poetry!

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Book Cover of Eat the World on orange and yellow background with music notes on the top right side and lower left side.

Whether you’ve known her since her debut album, Family Jewels, followed her Tumblr-iconic alter ego Electra Heart, or know her simply as Marina, Marina Diamandis brings her songwriting and vocal skills in depth to her work. This time, readers will get to journey with Marina through poetry, as she is set to release a collection of poems this fall.

Marina’s Songwriting

Marina has long been a writer throughout her career, and this is shown through her entire discography. When asked about what she’s learned through her songwriting, Marina mentions that,

Artists are only successful when the message they’re sending out is completely true to who they are because that’s when people connect to you.


Interestingly, her songwriting process is led and inspired by the lyrics first. While she gets to share her world of writing through her songs, Marina has also had the opportunity to lead workshops for young songwriters to not only share the process but also the creativity of all the writers.

Poetry Continues Her Storytelling

Her new collection of poems, Eat the World, was written over the course of a year, and became an expression of catharsis that still follows a sense of melody, much like her lyrics. This time, Marina gets to showcase her own journey of life, albeit with some fear of sharing it all with the world, since the content is very much personal. Despite it all, Marina is excited to share these poems and her stories with the world.

Book cover of poetry book Eat the World by Marina Diamandis with an orange background and pink-tinted mouth.

We’ll be looking forward to this new poetry collection by Marina as it comes out on October 29, 2024.

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