Seven Books To Read With Asexual Representation

To celebrate Pride Month, here are seven books with asexual representation to add to your TBR (or even for right now).

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In a world dominated by one-time flings, asexuality representation is very important. Asexuality is defined as a lack of sexual attraction and described as a being on a spectrum of emotional, spiritual and romantic attraction. But, contrary to the normal belief, it does not mean that there cannot be love or, better yet, a wanting for love. So, to celebrate those feelings, here’s seven books that feature asexual characters.

Elatsoe by Darcie Little Badger (2020)


Set in an alternate contemporary America, Elatsoe (Ellie for short) is an asexual, Apache teen protagonist that can summon the spirits of dead animals. And when her cousin dies, everyone believes the cause to be a car crash–but when his spirit appears and tells her otherwise, Elatsoe is set to solve it. With the help of her family, best friend Jay and the memory of a great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother, she sets out to solve his murder. The question is will the secrets of the creepy town manage to stop her or will she prove successful?

The Sound of Stars by Alechia Dow (2020)


A novel set in a post alien invaded Earth follows a rebellious librarian and a music-loving robot. The Sound of Stars focuses on Ellie Baker as she lives in an Ilori-controlled compound in New York City. All self-expression, whether it be through reading or music, is not allowed. But Ellie has a secret stash of books, but when she notices a couple go missing she begins to worry–it could mean her life. Morris, an Ilori commander, finds her stash and should turn her in, but he can’t bring himself to do it; so together, Ellie and Morris create a desperate rebellion of their own.

Raybearer by Jordan Ifueko (2020)


The Ray is a bond deeper than blood and growing up, Tarisai has longed for a family, but she has only ever had The Lady. But, if she is selected to the Crown Prince’s Council of Eleven, her longing for a family would be satiated. But The Lady has other plans when she send Tarisai to Aritsar, and by using the irresistable want of a found family, she gives Tarisai a magically-compelled command–when you grow close to the Crown Prince, kill him.

Every Heart A Doorway by Seanan McGuire (2016)


Following the main protagonist Nancy, an asexual teenager, we are thrown into a world of fantasies that clash. Children disappearing from their respective literary worlds is not uncommon, but the common trait they share is they are all trying to find a way back home. But when they start disappearing in a different way, it is up to Nancy to find what’s killing the other children off before it’s too late.

Little Black Bird by Anna Kirchner (2020)


Wiktoria has psychic powers and is cursed to destroy the magical world. And when a group of sorcerers and their Guardian begin hunting her, her careful normal facade is shattered as she races to save herself, the human realm and her own magical community before she is put to death. And her only ally? A boy who can read minds, shares in her dreams and even makes her question sexuality. The line between good and evil is drawn extremely thin in this novel of discovering ones true path.

We Go Forward by Alison Evans (2016)


Chrisite is a runner–from her past, and everything around her. She cannot remember the last time she had a true feeling of home. But Roslyn has never left Melbourne–but how does she know thats home? But after crossing paths in Berlin, a little wine and some wifi leads to the pair traveling together in search of things they were looking for and what they weren’t.

The Bone Season Series by Samantha Shannon (2013)


Paige Mahoney (who is demisexual) is a dreamer starting a revolution. In a London where clairvoyance is decreed illegal, a world of mystics has formed underground. Paige, herself, is a dreamwalker and leads a double life. She walks among the clairvoyants combating persecution whilst also keeping her gift a secret from her father, who works for the very government wishing to destroy her. The Bone Season is also home to many more LGBTQIA+ representations along with her best friend being gay, her boss being asexual and more. Shannon is also known for Priory of the Orange Tree which features a wide array of LGBTQIA+ characters as well.

The world of literature is full of representation and continues to grow. Asexual representation, specifically, is so important nowadays in a world that wishes to squash true feelings. Just remember your emotions are valid and no matter what, you are loved. Happy Pride to you and yours.