Rupert Grint Admits ‘Harry Potter’ Role Felt ‘Quite Suffocating’

Famed teen actor, Rupert Grint, opens up in a recent interview how he really felt being on set for Harry Potter all the time as Ron Weasley.

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From a cheeky Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter series to playing Julian Pearce on Servant, Rupert Grint is no stranger to the spotlight. But after a recent interview with Bustle, the question arises: can he handle the spotlight?

Rupert Grint is best known for — and possibly most adored in — his role as Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter series. He was 11 years old when he was first scouted for the role and 22 by the end of filming, taking him from a budding child actor to a young adult celebrity in the same series. He admitted that the brunt of year-round filming made him reconsider whether he wanted to continue acting because being on set for Harry Potter “was quite suffocating.”

His ginger hair wasn’t the only thing Grint had in common with the character of Ron Weasley; he had a large number of siblings in real life and felt a sense of inferiority. As the series went on, he felt himself merging into the role of his character in an unhealthy way.

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Despite these sentiments, his time spent on the Harry Potter series was a “unique experience” which continued on as an illustrious career exploring theater, TV series, and comedy. And more than grappling with conflicting emotions for the series, he had to deal with constant media scrutiny and comparison between fellow actors Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe, all the while fighting the stereotype of “going off the rails” as a child actor. 

Whether he’s Ron Weasley, Julian Pearce or just being himself, true fans appreciate how he brought to life a beloved character from one of the most thrilling book series ever written. His candor and thoughtful self-reflection make him all the more lovable. 

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