Rebel Wilson’s Powerful and Revealing Memoir Is Under Fire

In her memoir, Rebel Wilson is speaking out. Read on to discover why her eye-opening book is facing criticism before it even hits bookstores.

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The book jacket for Rebel Rising by Rebel Wilson is painted over an orange textured background, surrounded by movie-themed graphics, including film, a microphone, and lighted red stars.

Australian actress Rebel Wilson will release her inspirational memoir, Rebel Rising, in early April 2024. The novel, which is highly anticipated, chronicles Wilson’s journey to stardom, the struggles she endured to get there, and the lessons she’s learned along the way. However, Wilson’s inspirational memoir is already facing criticism and threats from people Wilson intends to expose.

What We Know

In an Instagram post, Wilson teased that chapter 23 of her book will expose the inappropriate behavior of her former coworker Sacha Baron Cohen. In 2016, Wilson and Cohen worked together on The Brothers Grimsby, where they played a married couple. Wilson claimed Cohen has hired a crisis public relations manager and lawyers who are attempting to prevent Wilson’s book from getting good press. However, this will not stop Wilson from publishing her memoir, and she made clear her stance to call out Cohen.

Book jacket for Rebel Rising by Rebel Wilson. The actress poses on the cover in front of the ocean with a red, sparkly dress. Her blonde hair flows in the wind.

The Importance of Accountability

In a separate Instagram post, Wilson shared advice from her fellow actors that she has now adopted as her personal philosophy. When she first came to Hollywood, people told her they would refuse to work with uncooperative, unprofessional costars and coworkers. Wilson stated that she now understands the true meaning of that rule and that she, too, has a no-tolerance policy for unseemly behavior after working with Cohen.

As more celebrities release memoirs, the truth about the acting industry and Hollywood’s behind-the-scenes comes to light. It is important to hold people accountable and take action to make Hollywood a better and safer space for all, and brave exposés aid in that educational process.

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