Read She’s Hopeless: A Rich Girl with a Secret Bodyguard

A dramatic Webtoon that focuses on financial status in society. A rich girl who is fighting the stigma while a secret bodygaurd is paid to protect her from bullies. Read She’s Hopeless on Webtoon.

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Text reading, "She's Hopeless, Wanted: A Secret Body Guard, New Series" sits beside main characters, Tae-ung (pictured left, back) and Gabin (pictured right, front) are standing in front of a building with many windows. Tae-ung has his hands over Gabin's face, while a brown substance falls on his shoulders.

When it comes to classism, there are rich people who are at the top of the foodchain, and those who are below. Have you wanted to read a drama that explores the classism concept while it has a romantic trope of enemies to lovers? Webtoon comic She’s Hopeless embodies the reality of what two high school students face, despite their financial status in society. Creator Seokwoo updates this drama every Saturday!

She’s Hopeless: Dramatic Plot

Main characters Gabin (pictured left) and Tae-ung (pictured right) in an embrace. Tae-ung partially shields Gabin in the frame, while Gabin locks her hands around his waist.
Image credit Reddit.

Gabin Kim is from a very powerful and rich family called the MK Group, which is controlled by her grandmother. Gabin is bullied in school, but her personality shows strenght and retaliation. Her family secretly hires Tae-ung for 500,000 dollars to transfer schools and guard her while keeping his identity a secret.

She’s Hopeless Characters


Main character Tae-ung wears a white school uniform with grey backpack straps on his shoulders. He has shaggy brown hair and a look of surprise on his face.
Image via Animal Planet

He is a high school student who’s goal is to become a professional bodyguard. With a poor family who lives in poverty, he works hard to stay ahead. He is professional at judo and combatative fighting. His mother is the only parent in the picture that has supported him. When an oportunity comes about to be a secret bodyguard for a girl who is being bullied, the payment is too good to pass up. However, little did he know that she isn’t a defensless girl, but a firecracker that fights back and causes trouble that’s worse than what her classmates pull. With difficulty being her friend, will he be able to be in her good graces so he can protect her?

Gabin Kim

Main character Gabin pictured wearing a white school uniform. She has dark hair that comes down to just above her shoulders.
Image via Anime.

All her life she was just a figurehead, a beloved granddaughter of the MK Group. Gabin has an image to uphold, she is the studious, well-behaved granddaughter. However, the horrid truth is that her grandmother doesn’t care about her, just her image for the election. Gabin decides to fight back, she intentionally causes trouble, at school and with her studies. When she gets bullied, just because she’s rich, she bullies right back, harder. She knows deep down people are only nice to her because of her status. However, add in a new student who is super protective over her. Gabin pushes the Tae-ung away, no one truly cares about her, what’s his motive?


Character Doha pictured. She wears a white school uniform with a pink backpack. Her hair is long and red. There is a text bubble over her head, indicating she is saying, "Guys, it's me, Doha!"
Image via Pinterest

At first she was bullying Gabin, horrid makeup and a poor attitude. Now, she’s changed, for the better? When Gabin damaged her face, she received money from her to fix it. Now everyone is noticing her and how beautiful the transformation was. When she notices the new student is her long-term crush from middle school, she wants to approach him and have him like her. When she realizes his goal is to stay close to Gabin, jealousy overtakes her, and she pines over him. Even though her motive is selfish, she has soon found the right friends, and learns more about what she wants for herself.


Character Suho is pictured. He wears a white school uniform and has dark straight hair that comes just over his eyebrows. 
Image via My Drama List

Suho is the third son of the GT Group, his father the CEO. His childhood friend, Gabin, had a crush on him, it was mutual for him as well. But soon he left to study in the states, leaving Gabin on her own. Now he’s back, and is suspicious of the new guy who wants to protect her. With his protective instincts kicking in, he transfers into her school and wants to know the intentions of the new guy and others who have become close to Gabin unexpectedly.

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