Read ‘Sable Curse’ A Dark Magical Mysterious Estate

‘Sable Curse’ is for those who want a mysterious magical comic. Webtoon has brought a dark curse story along with characters who have secrets of their own.

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A magical estate can be the cure for a curse. Sable House is a Webtoon that will have you hoping this nineteen-year-old finds her cure. With the bullying and expectations of being in a wealthy family, she endures horrible experiences. Can this weird estate hold the secrets she needs?

Sable Curse: Dark Plot


She could be dead at the age of nineteen. That is the potential fate of Terron Vogel due to her curse. It’s spreading unless she can undo the spell, an impossible task since she doesn’t know who did it. Her family decides to escape their society by going to a mysterious magical holiday retreat, the Sable House. This new estate holds secrets and wealthy guests. Will she be able to figure out the curse?

Terron Vogel


She is the neglected sister of the family. Although their family is high and mighty in their town, others belittle her due to her recent curse. She doesn’t know how she got it, who did it, or how to remove it. All she can do is keep her head held high. But that’s hard when your sister is your only supporter. Her parents worry about their reputation and her all-time bully Alfie who tries to make her miserable. Terron has no hope, only vengeance, and rage. However, she may find new secrets with new scenery called the Sable House estate. Being here for several weeks, she will figure out the mysteries behind this place and if there is a possible cure.

Maron Vogel


Being part of the Vogel family has its challenges. The pressure to settle down at her age and be somewhat of a peacemaker in her family can be difficult. From standing up to Terron’s bullies and even her parents, she tries her best to make Terron feel beautiful, accepted, and loved. When vacationing at the lovely Sable House estate, she had already taken an interest in the Doctor at the establishment. Will she be able to find potential marital material and make discoveries along the way? Will her sisterly bond grow or drift?



He is the son of the very, very rich Griswol Kingdom. He is always seen as the charismatic, handsome lord. However, he is always pitied and has a reputation for being drunk all the time and wallowing in misery. Some of that is true, but there is more to this young man. Living in this estate, he is seen drunk half the time. When Terron enters the place, his demeanor changes slightly. A new friend who may understand. But she is distant and has secrets of her own. Can he figure out what they are, and will he help or accept them?



He is the bellboy of the Sable House. He usually just caters to the luggage and other tasks. No one has made a friendship with him. So when Terron befriends him and speaks up for him, he is astonished that not all rich people are alike. He is determined to befriend her and help her with her interests in magic and mystery at the estate.

Doctor Beek


He is angry and hard to approach. All the female guests do is admire him for his looks. Everyone is always trying to befriend him with an agenda. He hates the rich guests, all selfish and needy. He would rather stay in his physician’s quarters and keeps to himself. Add the new tenant, who is a bit odd and disrespectful, and it just makes working at Sable House even worse. But when a misunderstanding is revealed, and her behavior is to stay away from him, his curiosity is piqued, and he wants to figure out who she is. A hard outer shell yet a soft kind heart.

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