Read ‘Honey Lemon’ for a Sweet n’ Sour Romance

Check out the Webtoon ‘Honey Lemon’ for a sweet love story filled with sweet and sour moments.

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This Webtoon I am recommending recently became a Webtoon Original. If you enjoy writing and romance then these two love interests will make you feel all kinds of sour and sweet. Honey Lemon is about an unexpected romance blossoming between two writers trying to make it. Created by courtneywirthit, this comic updates every Tuesday.

Honey Lemon: Plot

guy and girl under an umbrella

Kyoungmi seems to have it all, a great best friend, a boyfriend, and fame from writing an acclaimed drama series. She should be happy. Yet two years later she is struggling to write her next big thing. She tries to search for inspiration at a popular new cafe in town and suddenly reunites with old classmates. Could this new meeting with friends start a new fresh chapter and give her writing inspiration? Or will certain realizations of her life cause a bitter and sour end?

Get ready to meet the four characters you’ll love and support through this series.


Girl with hand on her face

She is a screenwriter who has a hit drama series. Now she needs a new idea. With high expectations from her boyfriend, Taewon, her editors, and the public, she seems to have intense writer’s block. To get her inspiration going she decides to rest up and go to new places. When stumbling upon the new cafe in town she ends up meeting old classmates from college. Joon and Jaechan are vague faces she can’t recall. But as she gets to know them she feels it’s a fresh start.

Will she be able to come up with an idea soon? Why is her boyfriend acting detached and unsupportive? Why is Joon the most wonderful guy to be around who supports me without expecting anything?


Boy smiling

He didn’t expect to run into her again. It was just a college crush, now all these feelings keep flooding back. Although his best friend Jaechan is teasing and encouraging, it doesn’t boost his confidence to talk to her. He is shy in nature, and when she finds out she is struggling with her writing, as a fellow writer, he wants to help. But will she truly look at him? Will working part-time in a convenience store help him with his writing aspirations?


Girl with arm and hand blocking the sun from her face

She is best friends and roommates with Kyoungmi. She has always been supportive of Taewan and Kyoungmi’s relationship. She is concerned when there is pressure for her friend to create another big writing hit. However, she does all she can to help her relax and reunite with her college classmates. sora wants to become a voice actress but lacks confidence. Now all she does is bust tables as a waitress. At least Jaechan understands, he is the sweetest of the two friends, at least in her eyes.

So will this new friendship grow into best friends, the fearsome five? Why does she blush when Jaechan gives her hope and helps with her dream?


Boy smiling he has a yellow hoodie

He is a cashier and barista at the new cafe in town. His best friend is Joon, who is trying to find the next writing gig. When he notices his friend’s college crush step through the door, he sees it as an opportunity to reunite them. Now with new friendships on the rise, he finds the cafe more enjoyable as he works his other odd jobs, content with his lifestyle.

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