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Kick off Ebook Week on a high note by snagging your free copy of book one in Edward Savio’s ‘Battle for Forever’ series. Get the giveaway details here!

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Author Edward Savio and his book Alexander X on a Kindle

Since its founding in 2004, Read an Ebook Week has been celebrating advancements and accessibility in the publishing industry. Its yearly festivities seek to bring together ebook retailers, authors, and avid readers to promote the use of digital reading as a primary avenue for modern storytelling. In just the last decade, ebooks and audiobooks have soared to new heights due to major retailers like Amazon and Kobo. Though there are plenty of paperback loyalists out there, e-reading is increasingly common and promoted in the bookish community.

In the words of Read an Ebook founder Rita Toews, this bookish holiday is a perfect time “to introduce electronic books to people who have been skeptical about them in the past.” One way to achieve this is by offering exclusive ebook deals and freebies to readers, introducing them to unique authors and their stories along the way. This year, join in the tradition by participating in our giveaway of Alexander X by Edward Savio. Grab your free ebook by entering your email on BookFunnel, here.

Battle for Forever

Savio’s newest release hails from his Battle for Forever series. The third installment, League of Auld, is well worth the wait, providing another enthralling chapter in the journey of Alexander X. Broadly, the series introduces us to the Eternals– a group of (sort-of) immortals born with a unique genetic mutation. At the center of which is 15-year-old Alexander, who has witnessed much of human history. 1,500 years worth, to be exact.

Book covers by Edward Savio
Image via Edward Savio | Click to get your FREE e-copy of Alexander X

With TV icons Wil Wheaton and Ray Porter behind the audiobook narrations, Savio’s novels have taken on a life of their own, ranking #1 on Audible in multiple categories. High-speed chases and immersive action sequences inaugurate readers into a storytelling experience that truly jumps off the page and plays like a movie in readers’ heads.

Specifically, book one introduces the prevailing question of the series: who would you be if you could live forever? For his long-lasting life, Alexander’s true identity and multitude of talents have had to be hidden for his own safety. However, when he’s forced on the run by a dangerous foe, his centuries of experience are put to the test in one compelling adventure. If humor, history, and thought-provoking science fiction sound like your cup of tea, you’re in luck! Check out the author’s free ebook promotion, here.

About Edward

Edward Savio grew up in Connecticut and moved to Los Angeles after college. Initially working as a screenwriter, Savio wrote for film production giants like Disney and Sony Pictures. Eventually, his writing journey pivoted to novels. The first of which, Idiots in the Machine, debuted in 2001. Today, Savio’s Battle for Forever series has made a splash in the ebook and audiobook scene.

Headshot of author Edward Savio
Image via Edward Savio

His unique cinematic style, blending sci-fi, humor, history, and adventure lends itself particularly well to the audiobook world, and his digital-reading promotion strategy is a premier example of the Read an Ebook Week mission. Get to know Savio even more through his website, here.


Dive into the action-packed adventure of the Battle for Forever series free of charge via this BookFunnel offer. All you need is an email, so your free ebook copy of Alexander X will be sent to you. To make your reading experience even more cinematic, listen to the accompanying audiobooks, here. If using Audible, you can access Savio’s series for free via their 30-day trial.

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Across the board, Read an Ebook Week is the perfect time to take advantage of exclusive ebook offers. Whether you’re an ebook fan or a skeptic, we can all celebrate making storytelling more accessible and innovative. Happy (e)reading!

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