Read About a Magical Orphan in ‘Little Lady Mint’ Webtoon

Enjoy this new fantasy Webtoon about an orphan girl who becomes the child heir to the Elkedonia family. Get ready for spells and politics all while she must discover this new inner power.

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Ever considered reading a Webtoon fantasy that is family oriented, filled with action, kingdoms, and politics? Little Lady Mint is about a fifteen-year-old orphan girl who gets adopted by the ruler of Elkedonia, leading to a series of firsts and other political events within the kingdom. Created by Yoon Oh, adapted by gomok, and art by GALPI. Read this Webtoon comic every Thursday.

Little Lady Mint Plot

Mint and Yulius

Merigold orphanage is a nightmare for little Mint. Fifteen years old and no one has adopted her. One day, Master Yulius, the Grand Duke of Elkedonia offers to take her in. However, Mint is nervous and terribly shy. Watch as Mint grows up into an outspoken lady who is daring while magic, religious and political tensions unfold.


Mint has aqua colored hair a bow tie and green skirt

She grew up in an orphanage. She would get mistreated and abused by the owner and not get proper meals. No one wanted to adopt her, she has become weak and malnourished. Fifteen years of trauma that she endured. Then one day she was chosen, by a Grand Duke no less. She became the newest member of the Elkedonia family. Deep down she felt that she wasn’t worthy, why an orphan girl? But Master Yulius was kind and treated her as such. She soon received an education and is still learning proper skills on behalf of Elkedonia. With new experiences and feelings she’s never had before, she begins to learn the ups and downs of the real world, all while trying to give Elkedonia a good name. But there is a past she sees, one she does not remember, will she ever figure out what’s inside her?


Yulius has golden hair and eyes with his pointer finger on his chin

In this world, there are many injustices. His parents were killed right before his eyes by a cult called the Pagan. He became the Grand Duke of Elkedonia, ruled with an iron fist, the strongest man in his kingdom. He can wield a form of magic called aura and is merciless. With his second in command, Roel, the magic-wielding Priest by his side; his goal is to keep his distance from the Empire’s ruler. Years ago there was a war between the Empire and the Pagans, in which the young ruler slaughtered their ruler Kalla. But is that what truly happened? Now he has become the guardian of a young woman named Mint. He is very protective of her and a softer side comes out whenever the girl has new experiences and learns to speak her mind. Can he protect her and his Kingdom from the rising Pagans?


she has bright blue eyes, a sinister smile and white long hair

She is the brutal and fearless ruler of the Empire. She has had several children from different fathers and has killed off a few out of spite and enjoyment. She has an obsession with the Elkedonian kingdom and will do anything to have them as an ally, for what nefarious purpose who knows. She has two children who are alive, and it’s her goal to be affiliated with the Elkedonian kingdom and Master Yulius however possible, even if it means using magic or harming Lady Mint.


Princess Arabella has white long hair and is wearing a grey cloak

She was set to marry Master Yulius, but his abrupt end to their engagement caused her some sadness. Arabella was used to his cold-hearted nature and teased him in any way she could. Deep down she knows he’s a good person, and his quarrels with her mother do cause tension. She wants to help protect Elkedonia, but she is under her mother’s watchful eye. When meeting Mint for the first time, she notices a softer side to Yulius which she finds wonderful and amusing.


Prince Ellowyn has white hair, blue eyes and is holding a drink

Ever since he was able to walk, talk, and be self-aware, he has trained all his life to avoid his mother’s sneak attacks. He has to watch out for assassins coming to kill him in his sleep. He must always strive to be the best. A wielder of dark magic, he wants to be accepted and survive another day. Upon meeting Lady Mint, he sees his way out. Pretend to date the Lady of Elkedonia.


Yurion has red eyes and a navy blue cloak.

He started as an orphan who got stuck in the slave trade. Then he became the page boy, the lowest servant position, at the Marquess family. He would follow the princess, Ascella Devellian Marquess, with her every whim. Upon meeting Mint, she treated him as a friend, although he does not deserve that title. Soon he is allowed to live in Elkedonian and train to become an immortal knight for the kingdom. Will he be able to see himself as a true friend to Mint?

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