‘Rain Girl’: Bring on the April Showers with This Webtoon

The Webtoon Rain Girl is a mysterious thriller with a dash of romance and historical nuances. Explore a town that rains everyday that it brings gloom and gray within.

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The month of April is best known as the month where it rains plenty. Some of you may enjoy the constant rain that comes pouring in, others not so much. I myself can honestly say, constant rain gives me a headache. However, this particular Webtoon involves rain, lots of it. But you won’t get drenched or have any headaches. Creator Ashtreehouse, has brought Rain Girl, a historical, supernatural romance about a strange town that rains nonstop. Check out this Webtoon, it updates on Fridays every two weeks or so.

Rain Girl: Plot


After the death of her father, Whilhelmina Fisher is invited to stay with her Aunt in a mysterious town where it rains all the time. Her Aunt’s agenda is to have ‘Mina’ watch over her cousin Ida and make sure she doesn’t fall in love. However, it’s easier said than done, when Mina starts expeiriencing paranormal encounters in the rain…

Now, that rain seems more enticing, let’s meet the characters of this town.

Whilhelmina ‘Mina’ Fisher


Mina knew she had family, but she didn’t think they’d be in a dreary town. When her father died, she was thrilled to finally meet her Aunt and the other side of her family. Although her father and aunt weren’t on the best terms, their strict values were the same. But Mina’s Aunt took her in and put her in charge of watching over Ida who’s to be married soon. At first Mina wonders why there is so much rain, but with their famous fish business called the Cuthroat Cannery, fish comes plentiful with the rain. However, there is something lurking in the fog that Mina can’t understand.

Ida Anderson


Ida is gentle, kind-hearted and passionate about poetry. She is very reserved and always complies with her mother’s wishes. But, her fate is already sealed, she must marry a man when she is of age and not fall in love. Romance is her favorite topic, whether it’s reading poetry or imagining what it would be like to find true love. She is the most gorgeous woman in town. However, she seeks some freedom before her life changes forever. Will she find an ally with Mina?

Jasper Wheaton


He’s a clerk that works at a lawfirm, but during his spare time he practices spiritualism. He enjoys trying to find connections with the deceased and dabbles in the work of seance. He wants to pursue a writing career on the side and takes an interest in Mina as a friend when she arrives. Will his spiritual interests assist her?

Albert Stamp


Meet the new guy in town, he is the youngest son of the family. Their family owns a sawmill business which puts him in the ranks of the rich. However, he doesn’t enjoy the lime lights as much as others would. He usually enjoys reading poetry or petting multiple cat strays he finds. When he meets Ida, he finds a real connection with someone who feels confined within their roles.


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